Military Shadow Box Idea (DIY Project Download)

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Get unique ideas for military shadow boxes of Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force, and USCG here. See your design before you buy with our display builder form. Build your own Shadow Box and Military Display Case with our Custom Builder. Only at Medals of America! Military shadow boxes are enclosed or framed boxes with a glass front. The idea behind using these boxes is to preserve memories and other important objects from their professional accomplishment.

military shadow box idea 2Today I leave here an idea to expose your memorabilia in a small space, such as a frame, or a shadow box,for example!During the military life, a person holds many memories and objects that tell a story. Includes: Seven ideas for military shadow boxes Tips for shadow boxes Honor someone who has served. I have made bookcases and other small things, but never a shadow box. They have lots of variations of shadow boxes to give you and idea.

Basement Woodworks specializes in shadow boxes & display cases made for honoring military awards & medals! Click here to browse our catalog! A military shadow box can include a special space for future medals, honors and memories. These boxes can be created with love and gratitude for the. When he retired in 2003, he had no idea his unit was chipping in to buy everyone a military shadow box. It’s a box that contains various medals and awards a person has earned during their time in the military.

Military Shadow Box

The shadow box has long been a popular way to display military medals, and small scale-model scenes are also traditional. Browse around eBay or Maxis Minis gallery of custom shadow box designs for lots of creative ideas. We offer the finest hand made high end furniture quality police, fire fighter, military shadow boxes and award display cases in the world! Traditionally used for displaying items such as military medals, shadow boxes have a whole host of uses. Accessories like seashells, keys, ribbons, buttons, corks, and dried flowers are great ways to spruce up a shadow box, but you can really frame any small items you would like with these versatile frames. Pearls of Wisdom is my Blog describing ideas and projects for sharing family trees and genealogy research to engage our families. As a surprise Christmas present, I created a shadow box commemorating his grandfather, Stanley Herbert Daines. Military personnel were presented shadow boxes upon retirement. The tray from the trunk that usually accompanied them during their travels is usually lifted out and used to store and display service memorabilia, letters, and photographs. A shadow box is tied up to a central idea or theme. Most nursing shadow boxes celebrate one s graduation from nursing school. The military display cases below can give you an idea how large a display case you may want to buy to accommodate the number of awards and patches to display.

Military Medal & Award Shadow Boxes Display Cases