Milk Crate Platform Bed (DIY Project Download)

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For the longest time my bed has just been a mattress on the floor, however I got the idea to make one out of milk crates and after 2 hours to. Discover thousands of images about Crate Bed on Pinterest, a visual bookmarking tool that helps you discover and save creative ideas. Milk Crate Bed 18 crates, fabric drawers from target, and zip ties. What you will need: About 20 milk crates or other similar sized storage (I used a mixture of crates, boxes and plastic tubs). Not all of my crates/boxes were the same size so I tried to put the larger ones at the head of the bed and used flattened boxes to raise the level of the others while also adding a little cushion. Cedar Platform Bed.

milk crate platform bed 2I read somewhere that you can make a pretty cool looking bed platform out of milk crates. I’ve looked all over the web to try to find a picture of this but wasn’t able to. How to Build a Milk Crate Bed Frame. You can up a simple bed frame — in practice, more of a bed platform — using a series of sturdy plastic milk crates — either square ones 13 by 13 by 11 inches, or the rectangular alternative, the same height and width but 19 inches long. I finally found the post- and I’m trying to figure out how she made the platform bed.

Create a platform-style bed frame from old wooden barn doors or sliding doors salvaged from an old garage or warehouse. Make a simple yet sturdy platform bed out of clean plastic milk crates, wine crates or vintage wood and metal beverage crates. By chrisael On 05/12/03 we use milk crates here. we have a california king size matress, which sets on 2 pieces of plywood cut to size and screwed together with 3 flat brackets. If you really want to go the power tool construction way, i’d suggest checking out christopher lowell’s website, he’s always making platform beds with MDF. If you go this route, tape the edges of the plywood to protect the matress. Our first platform bed was a bunch of milk crates and a sheet of chip board.

Bed Platform Made Out Of Milk Crates?

milk crate platform bed 3I created a platform bed with milk with L shaped storage. I’m lovin’ this idea from Milkcrate Digest using the old fashioned kind of milk crate:. Milk crates tend to remind me of college dorm rooms. This platform bed, built by Extreme Makeover: Home Edition For the Oregon School For the Deaf, on the other hand, is pretty design forward. If the bed were a few inches higher, I would be able to store my suitcase beneath it. I’ve heard of using milk crates but wouldn’t they break? Drivers side near cab is a milk crate with rescue gear, behind that is storage for emergency gear, behind that is a compartment with often used gear like tools, gloves, flashlight etc. Thinking about putting a platform for the bed and drawers underneath for more storage space. Milk crates are a good size, sturdy, let you see what’s in them, and are widely available. USB Bed Risers Are Far More Useful Than Stolen Milk Crates.

Bed Frame Ideas

I have a platform bed, it’s actually an old water bed frame without the sides. Do you have access to the plastic milk crates that grocery stores recieve their milk packed in? The milk manufactors ship 4 gallons of milk in each crate. Pamper your pooch (or cat!) with these super-cute pet beds you can make yourself. 18 rectangle milk crates (Queen Size) Can be done with square crates from any store but purchasing the milk crates from a farm stand will be far cheaper and they are made sturdier. I have a very high end temperpedic mattress on top of this and found it to be the exact same feel as the platform bed that I previously owned. A DIY platform bed with additional storage space at a reasonable price! Plastic milk crates as platform bed – this might be better turned on their sides for open storage.