Miniature Pizza Boxes (DIY Project Download)

Mini Slider Box- 3.5 inch – 50 Pcs Pack. Perfect for mini pizza, cookies or mini food, our white cardboard mini boxes are grease resistant and microwavable. Mini Slider Box- 3.5 inch – 50 Pcs Pack 20.63. 2 for 1 sale, MINI PIZZA BOXES, ready to decorate boxes, scrapbook supplies. Pizza wedge,box,paper,printed,slice,pie,personal pan,mini,pizza themed party,slices,pepperoni,cheese.

miniature pizza boxes 2We carry plain white pizza boxes that are made of high quality corrugated cardboard. You can even buy custom printed pizza boxes for a guaranteed low price. Ninja Turtle personalized printable Pizza Box Favor Labels (available here). Try a t-shirt, coloring pages, markers, candy and a mini set of that guest s turtle s ninja weapons inside (Target has these right now). Our white paper mini boxes are perfect for mini pizza! They are the perfect take out solution for mini food! They are also grease resistant and microwaveable.

Check off the toppings on the side of each box! Cardboard with self-adhesive tabs. Pizza Party Personal Pan Pizza Boxes. These boxes are perfect size for personal pizzas. This whimsical favor is perfect for the pizza lovers. A miniature pizza cutter has a white plastic grip that reads A Slice of.. and the letters L-O-V-E appear as openwork on the stainless steel cutter. Pizza cutter is cleverly packaged in a miniature, red-and-white pizza box with black-and-white checkered sides and a circle of clear cellophane on top that lets the pizza cutter peek through.

Pizza Boxes

If you want to serve up a similar snack at your next gathering, you can buy mini-pizza boxes here and create custom photo stickers here. Home TOOLS FOR MODERN GASTRONOMYCATERINGMINI PIZZA BOX UNASSEMBLED. MINI PIZZA BOX UNASSEMBLED Maximize. Display all pictures. It is home to the photogenic Mini Vinnie, a slice covered in tiny pizza slices that caught the Internet’s attention last year. On the day that the Supreme Court ruled that same-sex marriage was a right, Vinnie’s created a rainbow slice. Mini Pizza Box. Printable PDF File. Your email address will not be published. Required fields are marked. Comment. Name. This mini pizza box (right) is the fastest and easiest box to create and assemble on the planet (at least in my experience), especially with the assistance of a Scor-Pal (although it’s not essential). Keeps pizza hot and ready for customer pick-up or delivery.

Pizza Party Personal Pan Pizza Boxes