Missing Drawer Ideas (DIY Project Download)

For those dressers you see with missing or broken drawers. Ever come across Dresser MISSING their Drawers? This is exactly what I am looking for: some ideas what to do with a dresser without drawers! As someone who has gotten virtually all of my vintage bureaus either at yard sales or on the curb, I love this photo of an antique dresser missing a drawer put to good use.

missing drawer ideas 2Sadly, it’s missing a drawer. We’ve considered having a craftsman make us a match but it was a bit too expensive. I also like the idea of taking out the drawer at the other side. and maybe put matching boxes in. Reply Flag. A couple of ideas for the kiddies. I think this is absolute genius! Nightstand with missing drawer repurposed as. a child’s play sink and stove. 31 Days of Lovely Limitations:: Day 2 Missing Dresser Drawers.

Upcycled Furniture Ideas is what today’s post is all about. Seeeven if the drawers and or doors are missingwonderful things can happen! Hey, boring dresser: Your days are numbered. Transform a basic chest of drawers into a designer accent with easy makeovers you can tackle in a weekend (or less!). These twelve ideas show how to transform a dresser into a bench, a container garden, a television console, and much more. Remove the drawers, add plywood or MDF to create shelves where needed, and you have a cute little bookshelf.

Solution For Missing Dresser Drawer? Good Questions

missing drawer ideas 3You can replace a single missing drawer knob by molding a matching knob from plaster of Paris. Found some really neat drawers that came out of dresser. Dresser is. You can use the same idea with the missing drawers..plywood, paint, and small hinges to make instant pop down drawer fronts! Good luck and post pictures!. Plywood, paint, and small hinges to make instant pop down drawer fronts! Good luck and post pictures!. Repurposing a thrifted chest of drawers..maybe something that is missing a couple of knobs. Maybe something that is missing a couple of knobs. 25 Awesome DIY Ideas For Bookshelves (Ikea spice racks on a dresser). The same idea is applied here to make a unique storage unit that isn’t in a bedroom! This could easily be a cool entertainment center, computer table or hobby table (you know I love sewing themed things). If you see a neat dresser that is missing a drawer, just put some wood where the dresser used to be (I’m sure it’s a little more complicated than that, but not too much) and it becomes a shelf instead! I love it! Wouldn’t it be cool to do this to a dresser that had all it’s drawers- take one out, make that a shelf and hang it behind the dresser? I think that’d be neat!. 13 Seriously Clever Things Your Kitchen Is Missing. From ways to better organize your cleaning products to space-saving storage hacks, the ideas below are sure to take your kitchen to the next level. 5 Tiered Drawer Dividers That Prevent A Utensil Avalanche.

25 Upcycled Furniture Ideas

Entryway Ideas To Transform Your Home. Entryway items, such as entryway tables can be placed throughout the home and that’s the point! We love items with a practical focus that can be moved and paired together to create true to yourself living. This is one of the smartest ideas I have seen in ages! Who would have thought? Love how the dresser turned out and the color is just so gorgeous, too!. I do open the drawer on occasion but am mindful of it. I honestly can’t say how it would hold up to daily opening and closing but for my purposes it has worked perfectly! Thanks so much for stopping by! Nancy. Old Windows can easily be made into table tops click here for more window ideas This side table was made from a stack of old suitcases click here for more luggage ideas Old Shutters can be turned into shelves,cabinets, headboards, Hutches, Wall Shelves and even table tops click here for lots of shutter ideas The cabinet on the left was made mostly from old cabinet doors. This occasional table was made from sewing cabinet drawers, old stair spindles, and scrap wood. This was an old library cabinet with 2 missing drawers. By dedicating a drawer to lost bits and pieces, one mom brings more order to a busy household. Unlike my allowance plans, chore charts, and kid-friendly recipes, this idea actually worked as intended.

It was missing two of its three drawers, but I knew I could put wood there and use baskets. Although, I do like the idea that because of the color, I could put this piece anywhere. Repurposing a thrifted chest of drawers..maybe something that is missing a couple of knobs. Maybe something that is missing a couple of knobs. Wow, what a cute idea to make a blanket chest out of cabinet doors. Missing front of cabinet drawer, need to sell my house. Does anyone have any ideas on what I can do for this? Missing cabinet panel. Why is my Widgets Tab in the drawer missing since the last Prime update?