Mix And Match Cruise Wardrobe (DIY Project Download)

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Ideas for my next cruise See more about Packing Lists, One Suitcase and Capsule Wardrobe. Packing for a cruise requires a definite knack – a skill, I must admit, I don’t always have. The next time you’re preparing for a cruise, keep these female-friendly tips in mind: A good rule of thumb is to pack one outfit for every 2 to 2 1/2 days of travel. The key to packing smart is bringing mix-and-match clothing. Following that advice is getting easier these days because, for the most part, cruising has become a much more casual vacation — even on luxury or traditional lines. Think flowing cotton dresses or silky mix-and-match pants outfits that would be appropriate at a nice restaurant or a symphony concert on land.

mix and match cruise wardrobe 2Take a look at the photos below to see how I stuck to one colour scheme so that I could mix and match different tops with the same pair of trousers. Stick to one colour scheme for a mix and match cruise wardrobe. Blogger Tips. First I have 7 mix and match casual evening outfits. On the 14 day cruise there will be 9 casual evenings, so over the course of two weeks I have to repeat, but in in normal life over the course of two weeks I would definitely repeat and outfit or two. Prepare for your cruise like a well seasoned pro with cruise packing lists and advice for your cruise vacation. Mix and match clothes that resist wrinkles (polyester blends work best), and fold flat in my luggage. Consider limiting white or light color clothes that show stains so clothes can be worn more than once.

We take white shorts or slacks to allow our bightoly colored tops to match for an easy week’s mix & match wardrobe! Save the suitcase space for evening clothes. Mix and match capsule wardrobe for cruises and resorts to have something to wear for every evening and occasion. What a woman can pack for cruise or resort. Pack colors that mix and match well together. Make packing easier by selecting clothes with three or four colors that coordinate well together. By limiting the color schemes, you increase the chances of being able to interchange your wardrobe choices with ease.

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Since many cruise lines have dropped their stringent dress codes, a cruising wardrobe is easier to assemble than one might think. A well-packed suitcase should include mix-and-match options that suit a variety of occasions, including visits to the beach and tropical ports of call. Conservative is a rule to live by and mix-and-match will save room in your suitcase. If you plan to purchase souvenir tee shirts, make them a part of your cruise wardrobe and pack fewer tops. Evening casual does not mean short-shorts. The second reason for packing efficiently is that most cruise ship staterooms have very limited storage. Lynn writes: I’m going on a cruise to Italy in a few weeks and have no idea what to wear. Tip 5: Mix and Match. You can get away with bringing fewer clothes if you plan a wardrobe that coordinates well with everything else. This capsule wardrobe concept allows you to create many looks out of just a few key pieces of clothing. Check out this mini loft winter capsule wardrobe that has both casual and dressy mix & match outfits. This makes looking great easy and affordable. I really appreciate these capsule wardrobes! They make my life so much simpler and I am spending less money on clothes. I would looooove it if you could put together a cruise capsule wardrobe.

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On warm-weather cruises, loungewear and beachwear are suitable both onboard and off the ship. Pack T-shirts, tank tops and other clothes that are easy to mix and match. In cooler weather, passengers will wear hiking pants, jeans and some loungewear. Mix and matching different pieces of ladies fashion can save you from a heavy suitcase! Each piece works with all of the other pieces to mix/match/layer into many different outfits. I’m packing for three weeks in Spain (part of it on a cruise), and am so happy that I’ll be able to keep it all in a carry-on bag, Thank you for a wonderful teaching narrative! Bring a mix of formal, casual and sporty attire to cover all aspects of cruising in Alaska. Pick clothing that can do double duty so you can use it a multitude of ways. Resist the urge to overpack. Focus on items that all go together so you can mix & match your cothing.

The level of formality of resort casual attire varies according to the venue or cruise ship, but as a general rule, the type of clothing worn to a country club or upscale restaurant is considered appropriate. Coordinated outfits look tailored and sharp, but do not be afraid to break up sets for better mixing and matching alternatives. Goddess on the Go creates women’s travel clothes, petite to plus size, made from lightweight eco-friendly Lenzing Modal fabric. Modal fabric, making them perfect travel clothing: a 10-piece easy-pack, mix-and-match travel wardrobe weighs as little as 2 kilos! Planning is essential for a cruise vacation so that you don’t remember a critical item in the middle of the ocean. Mix and Match. Space is limited so avoid over-packing. At the same time, don’t pack so frugally that you end up with nothing to wear in an emergency.