Modern Affinity Sideboard (DIY Project Download)

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I view Etched Champion as a sideboard cards that you can run in the main deck if need be, but I wasn’t convinced I needed the additional sideboard space in the new Modern metagame. Unsurprisingly, it’s amazing in Modern. It threatens to make any unblocked creature into a huge, if not lethal, threat on every turn. As far as sideboard options, Affinity is nice because it has access to them all. Mox Opal. Next week, I will analyze sideboard card options, the matchups, and sideboard plans.

modern affinity sideboard 2Just finished my Affinity deck and will start playing Modern more competitively now. Blood Moon was the worst card in my sideboard. I run a very common affinity deck. and I’m doing pretty well with it. Is vault skrige and thoughtcast, the best cards to sideboard out due to it, as i see it, being the worst cards in the deck?. Some all-star cards in current Affinity sideboards are Blood Moon, Ghirapur Aether Grid, Spell Pierce, and Thoughtseize, which all help steal percentage points back in tough matchups.

My Modern Competitive Artifact Deck. Affinity to Infinity. 51. Also, I don’t suppose you could add some sideboard strategy for Junk/Abzan while you’re at it? Affinity Marcel Costa MKM Series Frankfurt – Modern Main Event, 8, 14/05/16. Affinity Sweet_Satan MTGO Modern Constructed League, 8, 10/05/16. I’ve seen some Affinity decks play Gut Shot in the sideboard before, and I assume this is mostly what it’s for. Modern is a format that rewards experience, so the best way to fill in these holes is to play as much of it as you can against anyone that’s willing to play against you using any deck they have.

New Affinity Player Here, Help Me Better Understand The Sideboard

mtg affinity sideboard 3The roots of modern Affinity trace back 7 years, when the most infamous deck in the history of the Standard format was built. It means that when building and using a sideboard with this deck you need to think carefully about how you are screwing up other decks, and how you are protecting yourself from artifact hate. Last time, I broke down the best options for your Affinity sideboard. I’ve been trying a lot of different Modern decks, and I’ve consistently found myself being a dog to the best draws from our robot overlords. 2) How dead is Affinity to sideboard hate? Affinity is an artifact based Aggro deck for the Modern format. The deck is also versatile in its sideboard options due to most of the cards being colorless, but having access at many cards that can produce any color with Springleaf Drum, Mox Opal and Glimmervoid. Analysis of the Deck ‘Affinity for Artifacts (Affinity)-Tezzeret the Seeker (Sideboard for Modern)’ – Ancient Den, Great Furnace, Seat of the Synod, Tree of Tales, Vault of Whispers, Cranial Plating, Galvanic Blast,. Since Affinity is a tier-1 deck in modern in the current metagame, it is probably unnecessary to create an alternative version – but Tezzeret is so powerful!. Modern Goblins Pt. 3 Sideboards.

Affinity To Infinity (modern Mtg Deck)

To play Modern is to play with or against Affinity at some point. I’ve left out two cards that are played in every deck either in the sideboard or in the main deck: Etched Champion and Spellskite. So, how do we build the best Affinity deck for Modern? While Etched Champion may be bad right now, some decks can’t deal with it at all, making it an extremely valuable sideboard card. Modern can be a ruthless format. You can test all day long against Affinity, Junk, and Amulet of Vigor, just to play in a Daily event and lose to American Control and Tron. Hangarback Affinity MTGMintCard. I think it helps overcome the sideboard hate.

You must relay on the sideboard to make up for such atrocious matchups.