Modern Bookshelf Ideas (DIY Project Download)

The Corner Industrial Bookshelf is a great conversation piece turning heavy iron piping into a modern urban look that will add a sense of history and character to any space. As always, we have a huge selection of top modern brands like American Drew, dCOR, Hokku Designs and Kartell, so you can find the bookcase that’s right for your style and budget!. This design might look cool, but I don’t think you could stay too relaxed in that space, I’d rather sit in a comfortable chair. If you are looking for modern shelving, Cosmo Shelves are the ideal solution.

modern bookshelf ideas 2Given the spatial constraints in this rural Slovenian house, the staircase doubles as a handy bookshelf. From the organic to the industrial, these lightweight shelving solutions offer a modern solution for the storage of books and the display of miscellaneous. 20 Creative Bookshelves: Modern and Modular. Long rectangles and vertical lines create the stylish compartments of the Hokku Designs Cielo Three-Tier Bookcase. With Mid-Century Modern flair and a matte white finish, the piece is the crisp focal point of any space.

Smart Bookshelf Ideas That Give You More Interior Space. Stacking books horizontally creates a modern look and adds diversity to an arrangement, a nice alternative for shelves with room for little else than books. Now, this is a creative and flexible design for a modern book shelf. You can keep the books lying sideways one on top of another in case you think keeping them as shown in the picture might be damaging to the binding. Discover bookshelf ideas on HOUSE – design, food and travel by House & Garden. Feast your eyes on the most novel ideas for displaying books.

6 Modern Bookshelf Ideas

modern bookshelf ideas 3I was looking for a funky but sleek modern bookshelf to hold all of my girlfriend’s trinkets and curios, and found some that I liked, but unfortunately, they were all WAY overpriced, and most were made of MDF and/or other junk. I refuse to pay hundreds of dollars for particleboard furniture, no matter how cool it looks. Modern bookshelves and creative shelf designs from all over the world. The Polar Bear Shelf is a bookshelf that is shaped like a polar bear. Browse Modern Bookshelf design ideas and pictures. View project estimates, follow designers, and gain inspiration on your next home improvement project. Spectacular Shelf Ideas for the modern man cave. Man of these are great DIY shelf ideas you can easily do without buying DudeLiving!! Here we will give best collection of modern bookshelf ideas 2013, consisting of different bookcase design in general, and you can specify your own favorite. Decorations: Modern Shelving Units Designs Decorating Modern Bookshelves And Library Ladder Ikea Wonderful Bookshelf Design in Unique Design and Ideas Bookshelf Ideas For Classrooms Unique Bookshelf Ideas Bookcase Ideas For Small Rooms or Decorationss When you pick the current design with minimalist detail for your living room, this bookshelf idea possibly can be your suggestion.

20 Bookshelf Decorating Ideas

Those who saw our first selection of creative bookshelves know that they can be an entertaining part of any room. To show you just how cool the shelves can be, we put together another collection of modern bookshelf designs.