Modern Box Home Plans (DIY Project Download)

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Modern house plans by leading architects and designers available at All of our modern house plans can be modified. Review contemporary-modern home plans featuring flexible floor plans, an abundance of glass, and an appeal to modern living, style, and design. Browse hundreds of house designs and house plan variations at eplans. Many feature unusual open floor plans and Indoor/outdoor living spaces. 4 Bedroom Modern Prairie Home Plan HOMEPW75737.

modern box home plans 2Our home plans have clean lines, geometrical design, and simplicity to shape the style of Modern Homes. View the best home plans, including small modern house plans and more. See more about House plans, Modern Houses and Modern House Plans. House, Modern House Exterior Design, Small Modern House, Box House Design. View a selection of our favourite house plans. We have classic as well as modern house plans that can be customised to suit your site and style.

Most of the properties respect a strict planning regulation. The Box House became a reality after analysing the immediate surrounding, which determined its final shape. Also See: China Houses, Contemporary Style Homes, Loft Design Ideas, Urban House Plans. Browse contemporary, modern house plans with an emphasis on industrial materials, such as metal and glass, and open floor plans.

Modern House Plans With Photos

These box buildings may have simple shapes and functional plans but they are anything but boring. Japanese architecture firm Atelier Tekuto has made minimalism the driving concept of their dynamic contemporary designs, from single-family houses to multi-unit homes and mixed-used projects. So you want something different sort of size ne sais, but I’ll know it when I see it. MonsterHousePlans offers a collection of Modern House Plans. Greg is known for his innovative designs, including his modern home plan catalog, steel shipping box home designs, and the work of his architectural firm. The Beach Box is a shipping container house located in the dunes of Amagansett, New York, USA. I’m looking for a open floor plan with 4-5 bedroom, 2.5-3 bathroom, office, kitchen, laundry room, etc. Search historic house plans at Originally a one story house, modern day Cape Code designs have an upper level with dormers and small projecting front porches. In keeping with its designation as a Remote plan the house is designed to be oriented towards a favorable view.

Modern Box House With Openings Inspiring Freedom In Sydney, Australia

The Villanova Place Salt Box Home has 2 bedrooms and 2 full baths. Search saltbox style house plans in our large collection of Colonial home plans. If you take a typical Colonial style two-story house and extend the roof grade downward at the rear of the house, creating a one-story extension of the basic Colonial box, you’ve got a Saltbox Colonial home. The extended space at the back of the Saltbox house lends itself to the modern desire for an open home design for a family room or combination kitchen/dining room, while still presenting a straightforward, traditional look to the street. Our new home designs are full of modern features, such as open plan living areas, alfresco areas, versatile use of rooms and study nooks to suit a large range of different lifestyles. Modern, Box 7266. IDAHO 83670 75 HOME PLANS Including Year- round VACATION Homes!

These 10 homes with open plans are the pinnacle of modern architectural design. This stunningly simple house by Primus Arkitekter of Denmark consists of a few interlocking boxes adorned with weathered wood on the exterior and plain white paint on the interior.