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Proof positive that the modern swing and real jazz music of today doesn’t all suck. The Swing Revival was a late 1990s period of renewed popular interest in swing and jump blues music and dance from the 1930s and 1940s as exemplified by Louis Prima, often mixed with a more contemporary rock, rockabilly or ska sound, known also as neo-swing or retro swing. The swing music in the 1930s and 1940s was part of the Big Band era, led by Glenn Miller, Artie Shaw, Duke Ellington, and Benny Goodman. Find Modern Big Band Albums, Artists and Songs, and Editorial Picked Modern Big Band Music on AllMusic. Jazz Big Band/Swing Modern Big Band.

modern swing jazz artists 2Swing music guide by Austin DJ Lawrence Page – Excellent reviews and swing CD essentials. ATOMIC online reviews – Reviews of modern swing bands Lindyinthepark.’s essential jazz swing – Good recommendations from Amazon. This swing bands list ranks the best swing music artists by votes. This list of top swing bands and musicians let s you see who swing fans think are the best swing music groups. Michael Bubl Adult contemporary music, Lounge music, Pop music.;. 44. + 8. – 4. Composer, bandleader, and pianist Ellington brought prestige to jazz and, particularly, swing. Goodman thus indirectly inspired the genesis of post-Swing modern jazz, a style he did not favor.

If you like modern jazz and drumming then Eric Harland’s Vipassana will hit the spot. The way Count Basie and all the jazz players swing as one, tight and yet totally relaxed, is a marvel. What are some good Electro Swing Artists and Songs (self. I guess maybe just a couple modern songs would be good for the playlist then, haha, and I’ll screen em with the other more experienced members to see if they could work.

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Their arrangements and featured soloists skillfully combine Swing Era classicism with the energy and freedom of bebop and hard bop. Perhaps no modern jazz musician has had a more profound effect on jazz rhythm than bassist/bandleader Dave Holland. Big Chief – Portland, Maine based swing, jazz and rhythm and blues band. Lex and Joe – Musicians collaborating to offer music from the Swing Era as well as more contemporary rhythm and blues. Five Modern Throwback Artists Breathing New Life Into Revivalist American Music. Something in the Water is a mesmerizing trip through American roots music, with an emphasis on ragtime, jazz, swing and country blues. The Mini Big Band are live music wedding band a corporate function band performing swing band and jazz music. The Mini Big Band One of the UK’s best modern swing, jive and jazz bands.

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