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MOGO, by Focal Upright Furniture, is the latest creative innovation from designer Martin Keen. We guarantee the world hasn’t seen anything like it. MOGO offers a sleek solution for situations when taking a seat is exactly what the body needs. Features:. A handy, well-designed little seat. Mogos can plunk down on any surface to act as a leaning seat. A correctly used Mogo also encourages small, beneficial correcting movements from a sitter’s legs, preventing the user from becoming truly sedentary always a bonus for those concerned about sitting disease. Perch comfortably no matter where you are with the Focal Mogo Stool. This lightweight, portable seat can be used anywhere and supports up to 200 lbs. Order Today: 1-800-531-3746.

mogo chair 2Since I’ve been using the Focal Upright Locus Leaning Seat at work, I feel much more aware and dynamic during the day. It not only looks super cool but it’s extremely comfortable to use. When you pair the Mogo Seat with Focal’s Stabilizing Foot Rest, you take the comfort to the next level. Our adjustable standing desk seats, standing desks, and standing-height conference tables keep your body moving so you can keep your work flowing. Learn More. Don’t take a nap. Take control. Focal Upright Locus Seat The Seats. The same people who have brought us the Locus office workstation have also made this portable seat.

We take an in depth look at the Mogo seat from Focal Upright and what makes it so versatile for sit stand work. We supply a comprehensive range of discounted plastic and metal folding chairs. Based in the UK, we have high quality folding chairs suitable for making the most of your limited space. Chair & Table Trolleys. For Folding Furniture. Mogo folding furniture trolleys are specially designed for storing Mogo folding chairs and tables. These trolleys provide a great way of moving your folding chairs or tables and an even better way of storing them when they’re not being used.

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mogo chair 3Promotes Correct Posture – The Mogo Portable Stool acts like an ultra-portable version of the the premium Locus Seat. Like the Locus Seat, the Mogo Stool provides a ‘forward tilt’ on the pelvis that naturally encourages the ‘S-curve’ necessary for proper spinal alignment (see image in gallery, below), helping to ensure that the back can provide the necessary support without fatigue. Mogo is a portable seat. It folds. It does not weigh very many pounds. It functions indoors and out, on grass, concrete, and sand alike. Mogo looks like a peg leg extending from your butt. Or what might happen when the idiomatic expression about ha. Mogo Portable Seat is an active chair that makes standing desks more comfortable and outdoor activities more relaxing. Ideal for fishing, concerts and more! Mogo is designed to let you take your upright lifestyle with you wherever you go. It’s a lightweight portable seat, ready to support you wherever you go. I sit on my desk for long hours daily.. The average knowledge worker spends more than 9 hours every day slumped in an office chair. Focal Upright challenges both the design of the traditional chair and the notion that you have to be seated to get serious about your work. Since I already had the cane, wrench, and hacksaw, my only purchases were the cane tip and the seat. I tried using the cane tip that was already on the cane, but it was too small for stability. I’m returning the bicycle seat and sticking with the Mogo chair.

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