Moth Balls Closets (DIY Project Download)

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Moth Balls is the method of choice for those cases where you suspect an infestation. Since moth-balls use an insecticide, it kills pests. For use in the closet, place moth-balls as high as possible. I don’t want to share moths with her closet! There is a lot of conflicting advice online about how to handle this. I’m not sure how effective moth balls would be in this situation, and really, who wants that smell lingering on their clothing? A natural solution would be preferable to me. Granny may have used moth balls in her closet, but you know better than to bring this pesticide into the home. Moreover, if not properly used, moth balls are downright lethal.

moth balls closets 2How to protect your wardrobe without resorting to mothballs. Since mothballs and moth crystals work by releasing fumigant gas, they must be used in tight-fitting containers, rather than in closets or drawers, to be effective. Because of their candy-like appearance, they may be attractive to toddlers and young children. Never leave mothballs on the floor or in the closet where they can be accessed easily.

Infested drawers and closets should be completely emptied and wiped down with a mild solution of household cleaner. Each year, according to the American Cancer Society, about 54,300 Americans are diagnosed with non-Hodgkin lymphoma (NHL), a cancer that originates in the lymph tissue, and about 19,400 people die from it. Unlike old fashioned moth balls or flakes made of camphor or naphthalene, No-Moth provides the same effectiveness with only 1/4 the amount of vapors.

How To Free Your Wardrobe From Moths

Discover 4 ideas to prevent moth damage without chemicals this season. Hang cedar blocks and cedar chip balls in closets from the hangers with string. Buy MOTHBALLS CEDAR SCNT at Hanging Moth Block Closet Freshener-HANGING MOTH BLOCK. ShippingPass. Reduced Price. Q. We have an older friend who has a thing about mothballs. She uses them extensively throughout her house in every closet and around all the baseboards. Moth eggs usually enter closest by way of clothing that has been worn outside. Placing moth balls in your closet is an effective way to kill moths, but the chemicals moth balls are made with are toxic to humans, and they leave a strong scent in your closet and on your clothes. Exposure to the chemical naphthalene – found in some moth balls, tobacco smoke, emissions from coal- and wood-burning stoves and even some house paints – can damage kids’ DNA in ways that may raise cancer risk. Never sprinkle moth balls in closets, attics, gardens or storage areas. How do I get rid of mothballs smell out of my house. I used a charcoal closet deodorizer I bought at the hardware store. I put it in, and I honestly forgot about it.

Alternatives To Mothballs, Or Moth Balls, For Pest Control

It can work, but it is not as effective, to simply place mothballs in your closet. The build up of fumes is what causes damage to the insects. Yet most people I know (including older family members) have no problem sprinkling these crystals in a far-from-airtight closet or a zippered bag stored in the basement. Storing clothes for the winter with mothballs tends to leave them smelling less than ideal, if you’re looking to protect without the scent, DIY blog Stylelist Home recommends using lavender. If you don’t want to worry about using a garment bag, eHow has a guide to creating a lavender ribbon that can be placed anywhere in the house, including the closet.