Moving Twins To Big Beds (DIY Project Download)

We got the escape artist to stay in her crib by tying a large bed sheet over the top of the crib on each of the four corners. Once we evaluated our transition and decided it was time to move our twins to big beds, we started having anxiety over what to do next. We weren’t ready to move them into separate rooms, and our bedroom space was very limited. I have 2 year old twin boys and we still have them in their cots.I’ve only recently got the sleeping through the night and am worried we are going to have more sleepless nights if we move them sooner then later.

moving twins to big beds 2When my twins were about 20 months old I walked into the girls’ room to find Juliette straddling the top rails of her crib. There wasn’t time to read books about moving into a big girl bed or time to pick out big girl bedding. Now if you are lucky and your children have not tried to climb out of their cribs, once they reach 36 inches you should move them to a big kids bed. Do you suggest putting toddlers in big beds with a railing or using a toddler bed first? How did all of you mothers do it? I was thinking even if for now I just put the crib mattress on the floor.

Like the rest of you, when we found out we were having twins I started looking into different sleeping methods. It worked great! They could easily crawl over it when they were awake and kept them on the bed while the moved around in their sleep. Transitioning Twins from Cribs to Toddler Beds. At one point we seperated them for bedtime by putting one in our bed to sleep, then moved him over after he was asleep. 23 months and we are trying to transition from crib to big boy beds without any luck. A blog about family life, raising twins, family travel and family lifestyle from an expat family living in Australia, We put the twins in toddler beds last night. We’d had one too many incidents of poo spreading so decided it was finally time to make the move. These are the two things we’re debating in our house at the mo, potty-training and big beds.

Moving Twins To Toddler Beds

moving twins to big beds 3They were so happy and excited about their big kid beds. My twins moved into toddler beds around when they turned 2 since they kept climbing out of cribs. When I switched my son (he just turned tow and I moved him to a bed about six months ago) I expected a big rigmarole because he really doesn’t like change of any sort. We changed the boys into their big beds when they were nearly 2 1/2. So instead of moving sraight away to a big bed (don’t know why I didn’t think of this for William), I decided to remove one side of their cots and placed a bed guard there. A guide to children moving from a cot to a big bed. Includes a discussion of common reasons for moving children to beds of their own, and some tips for helping your child make the transition to a big bed. When (and even before) you make the big leap to toddler beds, focus on establishing a healthy bedtime routine that will help lull the twins to sleep and stay there through the night.

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We moved DD into a big bed a couple of months before she turned 2. But when it came to the idea of Big Beds, and largely thanks to my eldest son giving me anxiety about them the first time around, I saw it as this big hairy shit scary thing. It was all about going shopping together to buy the bed and linen, talking about moving into the big bed, and reading books yeah, yeah, yeah. Lots of them had separated their twins at this stage and also removed most of the furniture to avoid injury. The twins move into toddler beds..find out how it went! Find out how it went! His older brothers moved to their big kid beds around age three. I had a friend who kept her twins in their cribs until they were 3 but moved her 3rd child to a toddler bed when she was just 2, and she regretted it.