My Cat Likes Boxes Book (DIY Project Download)

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My Cat Likes to Hide in Boxes by Lynley Dodd and Eve Sutton – book cover, description, publication history. Students will enjoy transforming a cardboard box into a black cat!This artwork is part of our unit of work for the story book My Cat Likes to Hide in Boxes, although you can use it along with other lessons and programs also. What are we to make of the strange gravitational pull that empty boxes have on cats? Poor Gummitch, with his many books still unwritten.

my cat likes boxes book 2Cats from different countries do strange and exotic things, but this ordinary cat likes to hide in boxes. First published in 1973, this book is a classic. If yes, can you remember any of the verses? I can remember: The cat from france liked to sing and dance The cat from Spain flew an aeroplane The cat from Brazil caught a very bad chill The cat from Norway got stuck in the doorway The cat from Greece joined the police The cat from Japan waved a big blue fan Were there any others?.

My Cat Likes To Hide In Boxes

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My Cat Likes To Hide In Boxes By Lynley Dodd And Eve Sutton