My Desk Has No Drawers (DIY Project Download)

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Click through to see the after photos and my 6 tips for styling and organizing your desk space. If you have a desk without drawers, storage is even more important. So, look for smart solutions like monitor stand that allow you to store books, notepads, and electronics underneath your monitor, without taking up additional space. We have a confession to make: we’re not all adherents to the clean-lined, minimalist setups we occasionally feature. We’re a fan of little containers within drawers to keep things separate but organized, like a utensil caddy for pens and pencils, and a plastic box for storing food. At home, I keep my desk clear except for my laptop. Some people believe that a cluttered desk is a reflection of a cluttered brain. If you’d like to restore some of your peace of mind, you may want to think about organizing your desk. I don’t have a desk with drawers and my desk is very small. What most useful items should I keep to make my desk spacious for doing work?.

my desk has no drawers 2If the desk has drawers, use them. If there are no drawers in the desk, stacking boxes that fit under the desk can serve the same function. Many people like to put the items they use most often within arm’s reach. My current desk only has two drawers (although I do have a paper organiser tray on top and a filing cabinet with four drawers as well). I think I could. Last week I lined my desk drawer with pages from a thrift store book on lettering. I have organized my drawers and used all kinds of free containers like you did but I did not cover the bottom of my drawer or use cute paper to cover the containers.

So be a minimalist when it comes to what you have on your desk permanently. I covered the basics of how to understand the stuff at your desk in my second post on productivity tools and in my notes on workspace organization. These three-drawer units have two normal drawers on top and then a larger file drawer on bottom. My desk has four drawers. Two on the left, two on the right. On the left side, in the upper drawer, there are among other things envelopes, stamps, a box of matches and some paper towels.

10 Desk Accessories To Keep Your Desk Organized

I try to clear my desk every evening before I leave. And I have seen numerous benefits from the practice. Here are six steps I find particularly helpful. Using drawers isn’t cheating, it’s smart. Up for sale is my son’s desk set in great condition. Originally bought for 2000 from the shop MY OWN SPACE. If you don’t have a desk, then you can declutter whatever drawer or cabinet that you keep your office supplies or files in. My Desk Drawers. This computer desk has a spacious top for keeping all your hardware and working essentials. Raised panel door and drawers, tapered feet and solid wood accents add class and functionality to any home office. The top has 6 drawers (3 each side), and removable leatherette panels. This week I tackled my desk/junk drawer in my kitchen.

How To Set Up Your Desk: Basic Principles

I have just enough space for my computer and a couple of monitors. The desk has only three small drawers that are so full of clutter, I can barely coax them to open. Drawers. Visit the PRODUCT PAGE to configure and order your desk. Our Lock Down Punch Holder has been converted for use in a drawer! It fits perfectly in the right-hand medium-sized drawer.