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My-Wardrobe Closes Permanently. The My-Wardrobe founder is back at the online helm, this time for Very. Sarah Curran Steps Down At My-Wardrobe. CEO of My-Wardrobe (rumours are that he was asked to step down). By closing this message, you are consenting to our use of cookies. Yet the pre-pack rescue of My-Wardrobe is a reminder of how fierce the competition is, with online luxury pioneer Net-a-Porter way ahead of the game. It has been reported that CEO David Worby has stepped down following the rescue, so a quick succession plan is essential for the short term, as without clear leadership My-Wardrobe’s recovery will be hindered even further. closing down, the fashion online retailer went into administration in December. The website has been purchased by W H Smith, which bought the Past Times brand, and this has been shut down also. My account Change Country Wish List ISABEL MARANT. Let your summer spirit run wild in arty prints & laid-back silhouettes. UP TO 65 OFF. SHOP NOW. Here is the start of the Girls season 5 closing credits playlist.

Har du hrt hva 24 kunder har sagt om MY Wardrobe? ALSO I NOW KNOW THAT THE COMPANY HAS GONE INTO LIQUIDATION AND SHUTS DOWN BEFORE 2015. Sarah Curran, founder of Andrew and I were partners when building the business and through the various stresses, when one of you is down, the other person is there to pick you up. ONLINE fashion retailer was given a new lease of life yesterday after being bought out of administration through a pre-pack deal that will. As part of the company’s dramatic shake-up David Worby, who joined from Harrods last year, has stepped down as chief executive, with Curran taking over the reins.

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Yet I have not a lot of fuchsia in my wardrobe (read none) Couple this with a Kenzo dress that I had my eye on (literally – it was an Eye dress from last Winter) but couldn’t justify getting. Sadly it seems my-wardrobe are closing down after this season, hence the discount. VIEWING MY LOW cut, red chiffon dress in the mirror, I congratulated myself on handling this so well. I’d found this exquisite dress in my wardrobe. I felt myself closing down, the faded flower of passion now a spent bloom. The lively show: wardrobe remixing & closing a business with Kendi Skeen (Kendi Everyday). I am just starting out and her words really touched my heart and I just wanted to say thank you to you for having her on here, and her for being so open with your audience. I really enjoyed it and could relate to Kendi closing down her store completely. I’ve put up an IKEA PAX wardrobe but I can’t get the doors. They have these hinges and from what I got from the instructions you can move the doors up and down by loosening the screws that attach to the wardrobe and pushing the hinge up or down. I didn’t think either door would even shut, given how awkward it seemed, but they shut perfect, and right in the center. There are two types of navy blazers now sitting in my wardrobe. By the way, let me share that Bell&Barnett is having closing down sale.

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I’m glad I tried a capsule wardrobe, but I don’t think it’s for me. I learned a lot from it, and I will definitely try to keep my closet pared down going forward, but I’m also looking forward to trying new things. Closing down, Bennetts Boots, PlusHQ, plus size industry news. I have 3 pairs in my wardrobe, and 5 years on they are still in excellent condition! Now that’s quality (and the argument I always use when convincing someone to invest 300+ in boots!). Brookfield’s Video Ezy, my local video store, is closing down. Continue reading. They live in a box in my wardrobe, safe from mildew and inquisitive toddlers. However, my wardrobe also contains a portal to another world (not Narnia).