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Find the best alternative to namebench in Softonic. Compare and download free programs for PC: namebench, Free Hide IP. NameBench works by actively searching out and comparing DNS servers near your area. Once complete it provides a list of alternatives as well as a percentage rate of how that server would affect your internet speed. DNS Benchmark and namebench use processes and tests that are similar enough that I can discuss them together in this overview. To introduce some redundancy (alternative sources) your best performance is likely to be from from a mixture of DNS servers that are close to your location and a global network that has a large cache.

namebench alternative 2This is an alternative to the DNS provided by your ISP,. Namebench thoroughly tests the performance of your current DNS servers against a range of alternatives, to help identify the best DNS settings to use. We’ve talked about alternate DNS servers before, like OpenDNS and Google Public DNS, but if you want to find out which one’s right for you, you can do so with a simple program. On OS X: If you’re on a Mac, you can try a utility like previously mentioned Namebench.

Namebench is available for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X. The Windows and Mac OS X versions come with a GUI so all you have to do is download it (link at the end of the post), install it and add Google DNS (8. This will add Google DNS to the existing domain name servers in Namebench. Try an alternative DNS provider for faster web browsing at your small business or home. Namebench returns response times from many well-known DNS services. Finally, I ran Namebench a couple times, each time it suggested a different server, so I am not sure how reliable it is. Can someone speak from his experience?.

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Many people have discovered that their own ISP’s DNS servers are slower than other publicly available alternatives on the Internet, which are faster and/or more reliable. Scopri l’alternativa migliore di namebench in Softonic. Compara e scarica programmi gratuiti per PC: namebench, Free IP scanner, IP Hider, DNS Jumper. There are plenty of public alternatives around, and namebench can help you find out whether any of these would improve your surfing speeds. Is there a good reason to use an alternate DNS service, and if so should I choose Google or OpenDNS? EDIT: Just for my personal home network. As an alternative, you can try using something called Namebench (use it at work all the time. I used Google’s Namebench program to determine which DNS servers would work best (fastest) for me (I’m in Europe). For the primary one it suggested to use a DNS server of an alternate local ISP prodvider here and for the second one it’s the number 192. Available for Windows, Linux and Mac, Namebench is a useful if slightly aging utility that has benchmarks your current DNS service against a range of others, coming up with recommendations for primary and backup name servers, often from different providers.

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By default, NameBench tests your current DNS servers while also letting you enter specific addresses of other servers. Additionally, you can enable an option to include some of the most popular public DNS servers, such as Google, OpenDNS and UltraDNS.