Names Of Old Furniture Makers (DIY Project Download)

While many very old furniture pieces, whether handmade or manufactured, are not marked with the maker’s name, in some cases there are telltale signs indicating both the age and origin of the piece. The chart inside this leaflet reflects AMG Vintage House’s assessment of the quality of furniture manufactured in the first half of the 20th Century. There were literally thousands of furniture manufacturers in existent between 1900 and 1950. Information on important antique furniture makers. Also, there are three cabinets in existence which have his name inlaid on the inside of a door. William Kent (1686 to 1748).

names of old furniture makers 2The story goes that some college students started making furniture out of old shipping crates. One of the largest furniture manufacturers in the world. Bernhardt is maintaining an exceptional name brand recognition and level of product quality that is going to make them one of the most important upper end furniture manufacturers in the world. To the uninformed, could this be the name of a retail furniture store rather than a maker? Some specialty factories did a little better by including their main product in the name, such as Sikes Chair Co. Antique furniture made by particular manufacturers or craftsmen may have a higher value simply because of who made it. Many of these manufacturers left clues in the names they mark the furniture with that alluded to their identity.

Includes: antique furniture identification, tips for identifying antique furniture, resources for the identification of antique furniture, and learn the basic characteristics of furniture styles. The name of it which I did wrote it from the label from the back from this curio is Chas. USER TIP: Our directories provide the names of major manufacturers and their respective products. DMI Office Furniture Dependable Furniture DeSede of Switzerland/Intrex Desience Corp Design America Design Link International Design Seating Design Trac Deutch Details Domore Corp Donghia Furniture Dunbar. Maker’s Marks on British Antique Furniture. In fact the signatures and names of Gillows’ workmen are pencilled on much of their furniture from this period! At Reindeer Antiques we are very fortunate to have some pieces of British furniture that still retain their original Maker’s Mark.

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names of old furniture makers 3A manufacturers’ mark will enhance the value of a quality antique, especially furniture, by anywhere from 40 to 500 depending on rarity and historical importance. Concerning chairs: 81 are totally unidentified as to maker; 3 are branded with names of Colonial owners but not makers; 9 unmarked examples are attributed to a specific creator because of similarities in construction and style; 2 chairs have been ascribed to a maker by provenance; and finally, not one of the examples that Winterthur shares to document the history of New England chair-making is initialed or labeled. Newport furniture makers Job, Edmund, and John Townsend used paper labels with their names handwritten in ink. John inscribed and dated furniture by 1756, but his earliest handwritten label is dated nineteen years later (fig. The ID stamp will be burned into the wood or there may be a brass plaque with the manufacturer or makers name. Of all the names associated with antique furniture, Chippendale is the most well known. Both makers and sellers of furniture rushed to purchase it, making Chippendale a household name. Covers 1660-1950 and includes names, terminology and materials for each period. A piece or two of old furniture, acquired by either inheritance or purchase, is frequently the beginning of antique collecting. Occasionally the maker’s name was stamped on a piece of furniture with a steel die in quarter- to half-inch capital letters.

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In this era of furniture proportions changed also the names where no longer monarch names (I. This was influenced by cabinet makers in New York Phyfe and Lannuier. Every antique furniture enthusiast has heard of the name Gillows, due to the very high standard of craftsmanship and unique design of the pieces of furniture they constructed. Waring and Gillow, three major cabinet makers throughout history joined together from large greatness down to a small firm but it was not to last. Furnituremakers in 1977, after learning the trade from my father. In the world of rustic furniture, hickory refers to bark-on hickory poles (i.e. Here are some examples of changes in Old Hickory’s name, maker’s marks and furniture styles as they evolved throughout the years.

An Australian business directory for furniture makers who work with recycled timber; upcycled homewares designers; and talented people for custom work. OLD SOUL The name is perfect. The majority of English antique cabinet makers are known to us only by their names; only rarely is it possible to say who made a particular piece. When this can be done it is for one of two reasons: either because the original bill has been preserved, or because the name of the maker was inlaid, stamped or printed on a paper label inside the article. If you have a worn old dresser or rickety heirloom chair on your hands, you may be thinking of refinishing it yourself. Early pieces that were handcrafted will sometimes bear an inscription from an individual furniture maker, a clue to its value that should be examined by a professional appraiser. The lovely scent can remain in the wood especially when used in confined spaces. One of the few species which, when the medullary rays are seen in the quartered board, changes its name from plane to lacewood. Leading manufacturer of numerous styles of furniture, including medium quality Arts & Crafts. Despite name, made rustic furniture from hickory influenced by Old Hickory; Learn about antique furniture including periods and styles with informative articles and useful links. Cabinetmakers Database Trying to research an American furniture manufacturer? Try this useful database for more than 36,000 records searchable by maker name, maker’s state, and form of cabinetry or trade.