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Flabby animation. You can take help from this LINK enter image description here. A video example of this library is on this youtube video. The demo app can be found on the play store. So now that Android 5.0 was released i was wondering how to implement the animated actionbar icons. If you are using the Support Library provided DrawerLayout as suggested in the Creating a navigation drawer training, you can use the newly added Android Navigation Drawer with Material Design Arrow. Navigation Drawer is very useful to create menu in app. In this post i explain you how to create a navigation drawer with toggle icon animation using material design in android application.

navigation drawer animation android 2In Android 5.0 (Lollipop) the Navigation Drawer has a very nice animation, the drawer icon changes into a back arrow when the slider is opened and changes back to default icon when the slider is closed. In this tutorial I will show you how to use the library in order to add the Android L Navigation Drawer animation. The library provides two wrappers of MaterialMenuDrawable that eases implementation into the ActionBar, NavigationDrawer slide interaction or into any other custom layout. One of the most evident changes when the material design came out and I got my hands on was the new Navigation Drawer, The Hamburger toggle icon animation seemed very beautiful, The Overlapping drawer on status bar also seemed nice effect and so we are going to learn how to make a Navigation Drawer in this tutorial, with that effect and we are going to use the new RecyclerView for making the list view with the header (just like Gmail app’s Navigation Drawer) in the sliding drawer, So let’s begin.

Download Nav Drawer Item icons. Setup Drawer Resources. Define Fragments. Setup Toolbar. Setup Drawer in Activity. Navigating between Menu Items. Add Navigation Header. Getting references to the header. Animate the Hamburger Icon. A series of articles digging on the Material Design Navigation Drawer. Do you remember that fancy icon animation in the actionBar/toolbar when the drawer was open? I ensure there will be animation, when the navigation drawer icon transits from hamburger to arrow, or.

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It goes without saying for most Android enthusiasts that the side-navigation drawer is a hot point of contention right now. With the introduction of materi. By Liam Spradlin in Android OS, Design, Editorials, Google, News. As Roman Nurik has explained, this animation doesn’t actually belong in a navigation drawer interaction. DrawerListener, or if you are already providing your own listener, call through to each of the listener methods from your own. You can customize the the animated toggle by defining the drawerArrowStyle in your ActionBar theme. Using this constructor will set Toolbar’s navigation click listener to toggle the drawer when it is clicked. This drawable shows a Hamburger icon when drawer is closed and an arrow when drawer is open. Navigation drawer library with material design. Jan 18, 2015. rudsonlive. Commercial. If you find Android Arsenal useful and wouldn’t mind to support the project, you can switch off AdBlock or similar software for watching a little bit ads. Library used:, Version used: 22.2.0 It would be useful to be able to open or close a navigation drawer without triggering the slide animation. Details: It is difficult to produce a nice experience when navigating to another activity after the user selects a drawer item. As we empirically determined, duration of animation (since tapping on drawer icon on top left corner of the screen till the menu is completely appeared) is about 425 ms. The Essential Android Navigation Drawer widget is an interactive content panel that comes out from the edge of the window and allows you to store contents in a hidden panel. The Transition property can be used to customize the animation of the drawer.

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Create Hamburger Icon Animation on Action Bar and Navigation Drawer for Android with Support Library. I want menuItems to move from left to right when I open navigation drawer. How I can do animation like on this video?