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Apply this attribute to your root viewgroup android:layout_marginTop?android:attr/actionBarSize. Hope this helps. How to make the drawer layout be below the actionbar/toolbar? Signature element: If the app uses a navigation drawer, it follows the newer material design interactions and styling (Figure 7). To achieve that you have to calculate Action Bar height and set marginTop to your navigation drawer. Use this method to calculate Action bar height:.

navigation drawer below actionbar 2I’m trying to implement the new Android Navigation Drawer in my application. You can set a margin at the top of your layout, so that the content draws itself below the ActionBar. Library Navigation drawer material design. Contribute to NavigationDrawer-MaterialDesign development by creating an account on GitHub. When Google presented Material Design along with Lollipop, it showed developers how they should use navigation drawer. It should be drown under the status bar and above the Action Bar (or Toolbar). Using Android Studio, you can easily create and set-up a new activity with navigation drawer UI component.

I have tried to search it on Google and Stackoverflow without solutions. The Navigation Drawer template is the same as in the gmail app but i would like to build something that is like the Treehouse app. This tutorial shows you how to modify the navigation drawer so it. While we want the drawer to extend the height of the window, we still want the other content to fit below the action bar. Android Example: Navigation Drawer Using Design Support Library.

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navigation drawer below actionbar 3You can implement a navigation drawer with either an action bar or a toolbar. Below you can find the complete code of our main activity xml file. To initiate the Navigation Drawer we need to use the XML tag as shown below and as with any other view you have to set the layout attributes such as Height, Width, and Id etc. In the past, the Navigation Drawer and the ActionBar were at the same level in the view hierarchy. Everything below the drawer will be darkened by a scrim. How to get Navigation Drawer over toolbar using AppCompat v21 for older devices? Music, Play Store, Inbox, and Hangouts all have it under the toolbar. Home How to set the Navigation Drawer below the toolbar in Android? Android Navigation Drawer to open below the actionbar/toolbar? NOTE This method of achieving a material style action bar was found before Google released the latest support libraries. The navigation drawer icon works the same way the home as up icon does. Again, you can find the drawables in the package provided below.

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Styling ActionBar and NavigationDrawer in Android. Android navigation drawer a sliding menu and it’s an important UI component. DrawerLayout as the root of the activity layout as shown below:. Tags: android, tabs, android-actionbar, navigation-drawer. Tabs on narrow screen (Tabs are shown automatically BELOW ActionBar). But if you want to handle all other navigation scenarios (NavigationMode: List, CustomNavigationView, or Tabs are showing directly in ActionBar), the first method needs to handle all these possibilities:. That actually Making DrawerLayout behind the system bars using fitSystemWindows property. one more thing we are using toolbar in place of action bar (that look same as action bar) that’s how we will overlapping nav drawer above the action bar.

NavigationDrawer will change how it acts, it’ll still overlay behind the ActionBar although the main content will be below the ActionBar and above the navigation bar at the bottom. The navigation drawer is a panel that displays the app’s main navigation options on the left edge of the screen. Except as noted, this content is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 2.5. How can I put my ListView below the toolbar?Here is what I have now:What I want to achieve is something like this:. How to get the latest Android Navigation Drawer to open below the actionbar/toolbar? Android Navigation Drawer with Material Design In this tutorial we are going to learn how to develop android Navigation Drawer with Material Design. We are going to use android ToolBar to replace the android ActionBar in our application. In the Activity template, select the Navigation Drawer Activity as show below.