Navigation Drawer Expandablelistview (DIY Project Download)

Tutorial to create a custom android navigation drawer like gmail, youtube. I try to implement this in with a Expandable listview and give you the correct feedback. So I created a expandable list view without using fragments. In my code I unable to find where is error because it’s not run so here’s my full code. I inserted expandable list view in navigation drawer to it expandable navigation drawer. Now in main activity I created a ViewPager with three fragments.

navigation drawer expandablelistview 2This is my main activity file which contains the drawer layout.public abstract class ParentActivity extends AppCompatActivity implements NetworkStateReceiverListener private final String TAG ParentActivity. Home Layout Became Unresponsive while click on navigation drawer normal and expandable ListView. ExpandableListViewNavigationDrawer(ExpandableListView and the NavigationDrawer) – IT-.

Layout Became Unresponsive While Click On Navigation Drawer Normal And Expandable Listview

Android Custom Navigation Drawer