Navigation Drawer In Android Studio Material Design (DIY Project Download)

Next. Android Studio is Slow: How to Make Android Studio Fast Previous. El navigation drawer o men lateral es un elemento que se encuentra en las apps de Google. Sigue estos pasos para conseguir uno con estilo Material Design. Hey Droids, are we all updated to the 1.0 Release of Android Studio?

navigation drawer in android studio material design 2When switching a fresh material design theme, you can’t leave behind all older devices since the vast majority of current Android devices can’t upgrade to lollipop. By default, new generated apps are automatically material design support enabled within Android Studio. As of June 2015, Google released the Design Support Library which helps simplify the use of a lot of material design components including a navigation drawer view, floating labels, floating action buttons, snackbars, and a new framework to tie motion and scroll events.

Material Design Primer

navigation drawer in android studio material design 3

Android Navigation Drawer View: Material Design Support Library