Navigation Drawer Over Action Bar Android (DIY Project Download)

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Using Toolbar so that you can embed your action bar into your view hierarchy. You also need to wrap your navigation drawer inside a ScrimLayout. How to get Navigation Drawer over toolbar using AppCompat v21 for older devices? Either I’ve missed out on some important code, or this guide is incomplete or only applies to Android 5.0 devices; /how-do-i-use-drawerlayout-to-display-over-the-actionbar-toolbar-and-under-the-st.

navigation drawer over action bar android 2This tutorial shows you how to modify the navigation drawer so it moves the window’s content when it opens and closes. Displaying the Drawer over the ActionBar/Toolbar and under the StatusBar. The idea is to have a navigation drawer like the one in the image: over the ActionBar/Toolbar, under the status bar, and with the status bar translucent. (Note: I’ll use Android’s Support Library classes through all the code). Navigation Drawer over CustomTabs. Custom tabs with custom navigation drawer android.

To add a navigation drawer, declare your user interface with a DrawerLayout object as the root view of your layout. The main content view (the FrameLayout above) must be the first child in the DrawerLayout because the XML order implies z-ordering and the drawer must be on top of the content. I am using navigation drawer of supported library.I am using latest material design layout.please someone answer. Blockquote MainLayout.xml. In the new drawer navigation action bar stays on top and does not move away. The drawer navigation also slides on top of the content instead of the content sliding away like in some of the previous implementations.

How To Move Activity Content And Action Bar When Closing And Opening A Navigation Drawer

navigation drawer over action bar android 3It is now officially called Navigation Drawer, hooray. Navigation Drawer overlaps over ActionBar Navigation Tabs Content. Bundle; import; import android.view. It should be drown under the status bar and above the Action Bar (or Toolbar). When you create new activity in Android Studio and choose Navigation Drawer Activity, you get two java classes (activity and fragment) and a couple of XML files. I got the same issue and the answer I got from Roman Nurik (Android team) is that the Navigation Drawer should not be used with the Action Bar tabs. In order to slide our navigation drawer over the ActionBar, we need to use the new Toolbar widget as defined in the AppCompat v21 library.

Creating A Navigation Drawer