Navigation Drawer Over Status Bar (DIY Project Download)

I am working on Android project and I am implementing the Navigation Drawer. I am reading through the new Material Design Spec and the Material Design Checklist. I believe you need to add android:fitsSystemWindowstrue to the tag as well. Navigation drawer is great UI component that allows users to navigate application features quickly and intuitively since many applications use one. It should be drown under the status bar and above the Action Bar (or Toolbar).

navigation drawer over status bar 2You can use list view or expandable list view for navigation drawer but make sure for each row you use only one text view. /navigation-drawer-semi-transparent-over-status-bar-not-working. Unfortunately this solutions does not make your status bar transparent, so if you have a Navigation Drawer the final result will look a bit odd compared to the real Material Design guidelines, like the following one:.

As you can see we have a sliding drawer which slides from the left side of the app and overlaps the translucent status bar, inside the drawer we have a header view which contains a circular view for the profile picture and two Text Views, below that there is our List view with icons. In order to slide our navigation drawer over the ActionBar, we need to use the new Toolbar widget as defined in the AppCompat v21 library. Toolbar Note that when the android:fitsSystemWindows attribute is set to true for a view, the view would be laid out as if the StatusBar and the ActionBar were present i.e. Android transparent status bar navigation drawer, transparent status bar, semi transparent status bar with navigation drawer android – trinitytuts.

Navigation Drawer With Transparent Status Bar

navigation drawer over status bar 3How to get Navigation Drawer over toolbar using AppCompat v21 for older devices? (self. You can see how there’s a status-bar-sized amount of space before his Test 1 element. First, we will make the status bar and navigation transparent. You must have two folders inside the /res folder of your project: values and values-v19. Only set the tint if the device is running KitKat or above if (Build.VERSION. Add padding to the top of the navigation drawer ListView. Reply. Material Design Navigation Drawer. Features:- Navigation drawer over status bar (Lollipop and Kitkat)- Translucent navigation bar (Lollipop and Kitkat)- Translucent status bar (Kitkat, gradient)- Works perfectly 4. Hiding the status bar (and optionally, the navigation bar) lets the content use more of the display space, thereby providing a more immersive user experience. Using setSystemUiVisibility() to set UI flags gives you more granular control over the system bars than using WindowManager flags. Create a Material Design Android Navigation Drawer with Design Support Library. The fitsSystemWindows attribute tells Android to draw this view behind the Status Bar. Check out the working sample over at my GitHub. In this app I’m building, I’ve added a Navigation Drawer fragment into my activity. Per link above, setting color of my status bar for the activity (this part works correctly):.

How To Make Material Design Navigation Drawer With Header View: Android For Devs