Navigation Drawer Without Actionbar (DIY Project Download)

The drawer width should be no more than 320dp so the user can always see a portion of the main content. I created am navigation drawer activity on Android Studio, but my theme as no ActionBar (I’m using the Toolbar widget due to design), and it refuses to work, giving me a java.lang.NullPointerException point at here:. Contribute to NavigationDrawer-MaterialDesign development by creating an account on GitHub. I am looking to use the nav drawer without the top header (background image, photo, name, email). Also I want to still see the actionbar when the nav drawer opens.

navigation drawer without actionbar 2We should be aware of navigation drawer before starting, navigation drawer helps user to bring the navigation drawer onto the screen by swiping from the left edge of the screen or by touching the application icon on the action bar. I want to open the navigation drawer when hardware menu button is clicked. I am targeting Android 2.2 and using support library v4. The navigation drawer slides in from the left and contains the navigation destinations for your app. The nav drawer spans the height of the screen, with everything behind it visible but darkened by a scrim. Side nav width: Equal to the screen width minus the height of the action bar. In the example shown above, the nav drawer is 56dp from the right edge of the screen.

Android Drawer Navigation Android Navigation Drawer Example Step by Step Navigation View – Material Design Support Library Tutorial How To Make Material Design Navigation Drawer With Header View Adding a Toolbar and Navigation Drawer Across all Activities of an Android App Using a Navigation Drawer with a Toolbar in Android using a Material Design ANDROID. Navigation Drawer Without Actionbar. Does anyone successfully implemented Navigation Drawer with Fragments, Up Navigation and ActionBar?As stated in documentation Up Navigation works automatically with Activities. But If I want to implement Navigation Drawer, then I have to us. Implementing the new Navigation Drawer in Android I wanted to try out the new Navigation Drawer that’s provided in a recent release of the Android Support Library. This basically enables the icon in the ActionBar to be used to toggle the drawer, along with swiping from the left edge.

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navigation drawer without actionbar 3The navigation drawer is a panel that transitions in from the left edge of the screen and displays the app’s main navigation options. GetTitle()); // catch event that there’s no activity to handle intent. The Navigation Drawer template is the same as in the gmail app but i would like to build something that is like the Treehouse app. Since the icon animation is barely visible there’s no reason to keep it on. If you don’t pay attention you can’t see it, if you pay attention and you see it then you don’t understand what’s going on thereProfile Picture. In the new drawer navigation action bar stays on top and does not move away. So the navigation drawer is no-longer seen as replacement of the old dashboard (although it does replace the same functionality) but instead of a control that is not in the app hierarchy just like the action bar. When I load a fragment for the drawer item, the action bar gets overlapped above the fragment. On this custom navigation drawer app that has login screen on its left_drawer (see link: how to show a activity(login screen) under android navigation.

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