No Boxspring Bed Frame (DIY Project Download)

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In our experience a mattress with no box spring is not the most luxurious of situations, but that might have been due to other conditions. It replaces your current box spring and metal bed frame. It has excellent strength and durability, assembles in minutes without tools. Unlike traditional bed frames, this system provides 14 of under bed storage. Handy Living 32F-QUEEN Queen Size Bed Frame And Box Spring.

no boxspring bed frame  2If the new bed frame has a solid enough foundation, could I eliminate the box-spring?. In fact, our mattress lies directly on the floor, with no box spring at all. All that a bed frame does is hold the box spring off the floor. there is no special support or function that it serves other than that. If it were me, I would probably even go without a box spring, but I guess I’m just gangsta like that. No box spring is needed with this Twin XL size Metal Platform Bed Frame – No Boxspring Necessary. The bed frames spring base covers the entire frame providing solid support for the mattress as well as even body distribution for a restful nights sleep.

NEW PRODUCT WITH FACTORY PACKAGING FEATURES: No box spring is needed, which leaves up to 12 inches of storage underneath the bed frame Contains a heavy duty metal frame that can support up to 1280 lbs Its folding capability allows for simple transportation and easy storage Some minor assembly is required but it is easy enough that tools are unnecessary SPECIFICATIONS:Dimension:79 W x 49 L x 14 H Completely Folded Dimensions: 40 L x 30. A platform bed is a bed frame that has a head and foot board, as well as wooden slats that support your mattress. A platform bed differs from a traditional bed in that a mattress can be placed directly upon your platform bed without any need for a box spring or a foundation, whereas, in the case of a typical, non-platform bed, you’d need either a box spring or a foundation on top of your bed frame before you could place your mattress on it. My boyfriend doesn’t have a bed frame, just a box spring and mattress. It’s fine. He actually used to have one before we started dating but it made too much noise when we had sex on the bed, so he got rid of it.


no boxspring bed frame  3We got a crib rail but we started without the bed frame and put the mattress and box spring directly onto the floor and we took her crib mattress and put it on the side of her crib in case she decided to climb over the rail (which never happened).

Platform Metal Bed Frame Foldable No Box Spring Needed Mattress Foundation Queen