No Trim Door Jamb (DIY Project Download)

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Back in the old days, wood trim was used not just for decoration purposes, but also to cover up cracks and resolve differences between materials. The modern door jamb is clean, unencumbered and is everything it needs to be. 2 years later no cracks and still look like new apart from dirtier white due to having 5 kids and white walls. A finish carpenter offers an alternative method for building door jambs that don’t require casing, but are instead milled from 2x6s with integral door stops and dadoes for drywall. On that note, I’ve also seen no-baseboard trim walls with sheetrock finished at the bottom (about 1/4 -3/8 off the finished floor) using the same corner bead approach I’ve described here. Typically the door trim adds strength to the doorjamb, but you will have to rely entirely on the nails and shims used to mount it.

no trim door jamb 2First, it allows the placement of the doors and windows to float a bit relative to the rough opening in the framing, and it allows the drywall to be installed with relatively low precision. No trim (i.e., a drywall return terminating at the window jamb). How do I conceal the gap between the frame and the door jamb? I could use plaster but I think it will crack over time. Maybe there is no room for a second layer of drywall, but what about wallpaper? There are some plain wall papers available that could be painted over. Jamb is there, but no casing on the door. I would have the jamb sit flush with the wall. maybe i’ll do it to see how it looks and then trim out my door as i need to do it anyway.

This elegant door casing and trim design is actually very simple and easy to install and includes no mitered corners. But in the event that you’re dealing with a roughed in doorway with no trim at all, here’s a close up view of how the door facings are installed., 2 x 4 framing with 1/2-inch drywall on each side) then you should be able to purchase pre-cut, pre-primed door jambs at Home Depot or Lowe’s. My 1966-built house had NO trim around the windows and doors. Both can be attached to your new jambs prior to installing the drywall.

Modern Trim

no trim door jamb 3Building a new home, and we plan to install baseboard but would like to leave the door openings and window casements clean, without trim; I am thinking this could be done by installing corner bead at top and sides of door jambs, leaving a straight line at the edge of the jamb, but have no experience doing this, and have been given puzzled looks by the framers when talking about not using trim for doors and windows. Prices and availability of products and services are subject to change without notice. Before installing new casing, the old molding must be removed, without damaging the wall or the jamb. That’s just because there’s no trim on either side, which will end with just a slight overhang of the ledge under it to ground it like many of the windows in our house. Then we could begin to set the door jamb in on top of it. No-Trim Door Jambs For a clean, contemporary look, create a door jamb, stop and casing from one piece of wood by Kevin Luddy A finish carpenter offers an alternative method for building door jambs that don’t require casing, but are instead milled from 2x6s with integra. A flush, single exposed fin is integrated with the drywall face, providing a sharp, crisp appearance with no visible trims, resulting in smooth and seamless transitions.

How To Install Fancy But Very Simple Door Casings And Trim

Here’s an easy way to cut and install trim around a door that doesn’t need a lot of measuring and gets you tight, accurate mitered corners. It finishes the installation and covers any gaps or rough edges from where the drywall meets the door jamb. No need to vacuum! To trim down the door opening so the tiles will fit underneath, place a tile upside down in front of either door jamb to serve as a height guide. Lay an undercut saw flat on top of the tile and carefully cut through the jamb (as shown). You can trim the door frames without removing them to allow. If you have many door jambs to cut, rent an electric jamb saw from a hardware store. Move the tile away from the trim after you make your pencil mark, then hold the jamb saw blade against the pencil mark and cut through the trim. A new door jamb with decorative trim can make a dramatic enhancement. The remodeling experts at the offer step-by-step instructions for installing a new door jamb here.

The goal is to have no gap between the wood and the trim. The door jambs and trim in this house are very old, beat up, and haven’t been painted for years So this picture doesn’t look great.