Noddy Holder Coffee Table (DIY Project Download)

Mine is that Little Richard once paid Noddy Holder to shit on a glass coffee table while Richard lay underneath it. It’s only half true, but would be cooler if was entirely true. Might have a dining table in there for you. Glass coffee tables always make me recall the Noddy Holder story about a struggling singer in the early 1970s touring Germany. Come Dancing: Noddy Holder and Mark Radcliffe contemplate getting to grips with sequins for the next series of Strictly Come Dancing.

noddy holder coffee table 2It wasn’t Cliff Richard- it was Noddy Holder. He used to get paid to shit on a glass table while a wealthy perv lay under it. Ooh, a pooing on a coffee table story that I haven’t heard? pulls up a chair. There are references to Little Richard once paying Noddy Holder to defacate on a glass coffee table whilst he lay underneath. No official confirmation. Legendery rocker Noddy Holder on on how he wrote the greatest Christmas song ever.

I think that I once read somewhere that when Noddy Holder was 18, he used to get paid by this guy he knew to squat on a glass coffee table curling one out while the old perv would lie directly underneath whacking off. This week it’s Slade frontman Noddy Holder. Regrets: Noddy Holder wishes he and his Slade band mates could be friend again. Snarfyguy wrote: What about the glass coffee table stories? 2) Chuck Berry convinced Slade’s Noddy Holder to shit on a glass table while he watched from underneath and played with his dingaling.

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Page 2 of 2 – Glass Coffee Tables – posted in The off-topic forum: Oh yeah, hadn’t thought of that. I can remember Noddy Holder telling that story in some TV show a few years back. Crap on a glass coffee table whilst someone lay underneath. Which in a really bizarre turn of events is exactly what Little Richard once paid Noddy Holder to do. Danny Thomas hiring hookers to take a shit on a glass coffee table while he laid underneath it and jacked off. Noddy Holder of 70s glam pop group Slade also admitted to having done this for money before his career took off. Whilst others lie underneath-what’s all that about? Shocking! I love the story about him paying Noddy Holder to crap on a glass coffee table whilst he laid under it. Shame it’s not true. The only bit not true is Noddy Holder’s presence! Chuck was a dirty, dirty dog. What makes Noddy Holder tick? Godfather of glam, national treasure and thinking grandmother’s crumpet, Noddy has been at the epicentre of British pop culture since he stormed on to the music scene in the 1960s, and in The World According to Noddy he gives us a hilarious window on to his extraordinary life.

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Dec 12 11.45pm, Send a Private Message to Cucking Funt Add Cucking Funt as a friend. 418. Lying under Noddy Holder’s glass coffee table. Christmas rock legend Noddy Holder has revealed his pet hate. Julie Andrews musicals. Noddy Holder, Dave Hill, Jim Lea and Don Powell made it big on the music scene in 1971. There is a similar story about Noddy Holder but I believe it to be true – it happened when he was working as a rent boy but he had to take a crap over the punter.

Then I had my Noddy Holder under a glass coffee table moment when I ate a cheeseburger puff (see Budgens review). At least he got paid for it!!! I was out.