Non Adhesive Shelf Liner For Bearded Dragons (DIY Project Download)

And from me misting my beardie, there gets to be a few spots in the shelf liner where it sticks to the glass, despite being non-adhesive. So, I am thinking about non-adhesive shelf liner. We have everyone on it,walmart has cheap shlef-liner and in various sizes and patterns.with the exeption of one dragon we rarely replace the liner. Before I got my first bearded dragon, I was told that they were the ‘dogs of the pet world’ and that I could expect nearly as much companionship from my beardie as I could from a dog. Safer substrate choices are non-adhesive shelf liner, paper towels, reptile carpet, newspaper or tile.

non adhesive shelf liner for bearded dragons 2Nonadhesive and Textured Shelf Liner You can get this in various colors. It should be taken out and washed every now and then, as well as being spot cleaned. I’ve also used non adhesive shelf covering, which is cheap and also easy to clean. Like Leah suggested, slate tile is an awesome dragon substrate, and so is non-stick shelf liner. Some bearded dragons do ok on sand, but why take the risk? You can read more about the dangers of sand here. Newspaper, reptile carpet, non-adhesive shelf liner and tiles are all great choices.

Perhaps among the most contentious issues in bearded dragon husbandry is substrate. Non-Adhesive Shelf Liner: Another good choice is non-adhesive shelf liner. Babies are 2.5 to 3 inches long and adult bearded dragons (commonly called beardies) reach an average length of 18 to 24 inches. Suggested substrates are paper towels, non-adhesive shelf liner, aged (at least two weeks) newspaper, or butcher/packing paper. I was searching for a natural looking non-adhesive shelf liner for my bearded dragon setup when I came across this cork liner. I’m just concerned.


Non-adhesive vinyl shelf liner is also a suitable alternative that works really well & is easy to clean. The glue might affect the bearded dragon more and it might release harmful fumes and chemicals. Bearded Dragon Care Sheet, Bearded Dragon lizards have specific care requirements but they can be a fun and fairly easy addition to a family. You can use paper towels, newspaper, washed play sand, outdoor carpeting (without loops for the toes to get stuck in), reptile carpet, non-adhesive, non-slip shelf liner or what we use at Sunshine Dragons, indented kraft paper. The bearded dragon is diurnal (awake during the daytime) and an omnivore-meaning it eats both plant and animal matter. Bearded Dragon Care sheet for hatchlings and adults. There are a lot of options out there as to what to use for a substrate, you can use a non adhesive shelf liner, paper towel, newspaper, reptile carpet, indoor/outdoor carpet, which looks great, or tile, like slate tile which has a rough topping to keep the nails trimmed for you. Bearded dragon pet care information including health issues regarding bearded dragons, feeding advice, proper habitat and the supplies needed to maintain a healthy pet bearded dragon – pogona Vitticeps. You can use paper towels, newspaper, washed play sand, outdoor carpeting (without loops for the toes to get stuck in), reptile carpet, or what we use at Sunshine Dragons, non-adhesive, non-slip shelf liner. An enclosure for an adult bearded dragon should have lots of floor space. Stick to paper towels, non adhesive shelf liner, masking paper, dish towels or non glazed tile to be on the safe side.


All of the Bearded Dragon Species are native to parts of Australia and New Guinea. Hatchlings should be kept on a non-particle substrate such at paper towels, repti-carpet, or non-adhesive shelf liner. Bearded dragons lick everything, as this is their way of exploring their environment. Paper towels, newspaper, slate or ceramic tile, non-adhesive shelf liner, non-adhesive linoleum, and reptile carpet are all great options.