Non Silicone Based Furniture Polish (DIY Project Download)

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Silicone is put in furniture polish to make application easy and buffing off easy but if you ever need to have the piece of furniture you are polishing repaired or refinished it creates all sorts of problems for the repairer. Oil Based Furniture Polishes tend to attract dust rather than repel it. Silicone is a very slick synthetic oil that produces the appearance of great depth in wood and remains on the surface for a week or longer. (Furniture polish removes wax, so use a water-dampened cloth or chamois for dusting. Even the few exotics, such as teak and rosewood, that do contain natural oil don’t need it replenished especially not with the petroleum-based solvents contained in furniture polishes. They either never polish their furniture or polish/wax it weekly. It is extremely difficult to restore this piece to its original beautiful finish because of the damage done by the silicone spray on the top. One liquid is water based and the other is wax or oil based. The non-drying oils such as lemon oils work relatively well.

non silicone based furniture polish 2Hi Tom and Jesse This furniture polishing and dust spray plays a big part in my wife’s staple of goods for house cleaning. If I didn’t add silicone the new clear coat would fish eye (looks like small craters) and I’d have to start over again. It is a water based product that will never build up or present any of the issues associated with most of the polishes on the market today. Unlike well known brands of furniture polish Non Silicone Wood Silk aerosol does not contain any silicones or water. To me, polish means spraying some Pledge on the table to take smudges off. Never use non-drying oils, like mineral oil or olive oil, for wood finishes.

Silicones may seep into your furniture’s finish and create a hazy film (referred to as blooming). Non Silicone Wood Silk furniture polish does not contain silicones. This information is based on first hand knowledge gained by a life time of professional furniture restoration. What they did not tell you, was that the silicone oils and petroleum distillates in their product would actually cause harm to your finish over time. Unless your furniture is unfinished, or the finish has deteriorated, there is absolutely no way any polish, oil or wax is going to get through the finish to the wood. 4 years: that’s a little over 17 hours spent giving your set a non-protective shine. In fact, the most common modern furniture polish is usually cleverly designed aerosol sprays. Each part of your furniture has its own make up based on what material were used to put it together. And unlike many competitors this brilliant polish spray is silicone-free so it will preserve the radiance of that always popular fine wood finish.

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The most popular form in the United States today is aerosol furniture polish, which sells over 80 million units per year. The most widely used polymers are based on silicone oils, which provide lubricity and good gloss. Use a quality furniture polish, such as Guardsman’s Furniture Polish. It will lessen your chance of expensive refinishing jobs. It does not contain wax, silicone or petroleum-distillate solvents. Guardsman Furniture Polish is safe, non-toxic, and non-flammable.Guardsman Wood Cleaner will safely remove old wax, built-up polish and many types of stains and discolorations. All you need to know about Furniture Polish. Areosols have been among the worst offenders in introducing silicone oils and other contaminants onto furniture. Emulsion polishes are water-based products whereby waxes, oils, detergents, organic solvents, and who knows what are suspended in a water solution for ease of application. Non-drying oils tend to be the more benign, but there is the issue of an oil remaining liquid on (or in) the surface of any object. A good wax polish will nourish the wood, it will provide a protective coating and will fill any tiny scratches. Spray polishes generally contain silicone, which gives a hard, bright shine that is inappropriate on anything but modern synthetic finishes. Hillyard Quick & Clean Lemon Furniture Polish – 18 oz. Safe non-toxic biodegradable stainless cleaner doesn’t build up on surfaces so it’s perfect for everyday use. A ready to use liquid, silicone based formula designed to produce a quick shine without an oily residue. Patent Citations (3), Non-Patent Citations (1), Classifications (4), Legal Events (3) External Links: Patentscope, EspacenetFurniture polish composition WO 2013066716 A1. Furniture polish compositions based on silicone oils also suffer from a phenomenon known as mottling.

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Mirotone produces a range of aftercare and ancillary products for wood repair and furniture restoration. Non-silicone instant repair timber wax putty sticks are ideal for the repair of minor scratches and surface defects on furniture. Unlike other water or solvent-based putties, MIROWAX 735 is quick and easy-to-use and can be recoated or polished immediately after use. A lightly perfumed, silicone-free furniture polish which has been specifically formulated to clean and protect both lacquered and unlacquered wooden articles. In the OP that i quoted,Gail Hester remarked on silicone polish & i wondered if there was a concensus of opinion re. I once refretted and refinished Strat maple neck and there were spots where some silicone got into the wood through worn spots. Stay away from it; there are way too many non-silicone products to justify knowingly using it. Based on Paul’s recommendation here on the cafe years ago, I’ve been using Triflow on tuners since then and I think it’s great stuff.