Nuimage Aluminum Door Canopies (DIY Project Download)

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NuImage Awnings White Aluminum Door Canopy reduces summer cooling cost while keeping you safe from the elements. Easy to install and remove. Featuring a rugged design, the NuImage Awnings 2100 Series 60 in. x 13 in. x 42 in. Aluminum Door Canopy is built for withstanding harsh rain, snow and sun to keep you safe from the elements. The NuImage Awnings White 2500 Series 60 In. x 42 In. Aluminum Door Canopy adds charm to your door entrance. It includes all mounting hardware and is designed for quick and easy installation and removal.

nuimage aluminum door canopies 2NuImage Awnings White Aluminum Door Canopy is designed to stand up to harsh rain, snow and sun. Includes all mounting hardware. Door canopies are designed to protect your entry from both the rain and the snow. Series 1100 & 1500 – Aluminum Door Awning/Canopy – Starting at 165. NuImage Awnings aluminum door canopies and window awnings are simple, reliable & affordable. Made in the USA from our state of the art facility in Auburn, Maine, our aluminum awnings are durable and can help save on summer cooling costs.

Shop for NuImage Awnings Awning. 7 ft. 2500 Series Aluminum Door Canopy (18 in. H x 48 in. D) in White. On sale for 373.04. Find it at Shop. Add style and comfort to your entry with a fabric or aluminum door canopy from NuImage. Like window awnings, door canopies help cool your home on hot days and keep you dry on wet days. NuImage Aluminum canopies for over your door – at great prices! An economical way to protect your door and entranceway. You’ll appreciate the many benefits of our door awings.

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Get NuImage Awnings 60425 Instructions / Assembly. Assembly Instructions The KD-2500 Series Aluminum Door Canopy1It is important that the Canopy Slats are assembled properly so that rainwater will not leak through the seams where the slats join. Cost effective entry level awning with acrylic fabric. All aluminum construction. 2500 Aluminum Door Canopy. UPC 728806123517 is associated with product NuImage Awnings Awnings 6 ft. 2500 Series Aluminum Door Canopy (16 in. H x 42 in, find 728806123517 barcode image, product images, UPC 728806123517 related product info and online shopping info. NuImage window awnings and door canopies are available in several styles to fit nearly every application. We offer a large array of fabric and aluminum colors to choose from allowing you to find the ideal awning or canopy to compliment your style. Classic style White Aluminum Door Canopy 40 inches wide x 42 inch projection. Easy to install. Will never rust. Includes support arms and mounting hardware. NuImage Awnings6 ft. 2100 Series Aluminum Door Canopy (18 in. H x 48 in. D) in White – Specifications. SPECIFICATIONS Dimensions.

Nuimage Awnings Awning. 7 Ft. 2500 Series Aluminum Door Canopy (18 In. H X 48 In. D) In White From Homedepot