Old English Scratch Cover For Dark Woods Directions (DIY Project Download)

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Read furniture care FAQs on how to clean wood furniture, how to polish wood and which OLD ENGLISH sup /sup wood care products can best suit your needs at OldEnglishPolish. When using this product, please follow all directions as listed on the container. After using the OLD ENGLISH Scratch Cover some areas appear darker. I have used Old English scratch cover over the years and found it helpful, but have a question? I have been asked to handle the scratches on the. I have found that following the directions, WIPE ON, WIPE WITH SOFT CLEAN CLOTH SO AS TO REMOVE EXCESS AND BUFF that it won’t be a problem. It had been stained DARK so I used the Old English for DARK woods, and after applying like the instructions say, I then took a clean cloth and wiped the excess off. Buy Old English Dark Wood Scratch Cover, 8 Ounce at Walmart.com. Directions:.

Old English dark wood scratch cover covers nicks and scratches. Put a generous amount of Old English Scratch Remover on cloth and wipe and rub into entire cabinet surface. However, the dark finish does help hide blemishes better. Over the next few days, the wood will absorb the oils and some of the scratches will show up again, but not as badly. Available in: 8 oz. for Dark Woods. Made in U.S.A. Directions Shake well.

Is Cherry wood considered Dark wood to use the Old English scratch cover? No, Old English for Dark Woods will cover scratches, but does not cover water stains. Old English Wood Polish & Restorer (Dark Wood) 8 OZ. Old English Scratch Cover for dark wood is speciallyformulated to work on medium to dark wood, including today’s contemporary woods like mahogany and cherry. Directions For Use. The polish blended in with the surface color on dark wood surfaces. (The directions on a bottle of Old English Scratch Polish say that the product is recommended for all dark and By JUDY HILL St.

Old English Scratch Cover Solution For Dark Woods

Surface scratches on wood furniture can be treated with ease October 30, 2005 QUESTION: My dining room table has several scratches and nicks on the surface. There are also commercial scratch-cover liquid polishes available, such as Old English Stain and Scratch Remover, which comes in both light and dark shades. Use a commercial paint/varnish stripper and follow manufacturer directions.

Old English Scratch Cover For Dark Woods, 8 Oz