Old English Scratch Cover For Dark Woods (DIY Project Download)

For over 100 years, Old English Scratch Cover for Dark Woods has been the trusted product to cover nicks and scratches on fine wood furniture and floors. Old English Oil wood polish is specially formulated to clean, condition, and help protect dark wood surfaces throughout your home. Use on wood surfaces including kitchen cabinets, wood furniture, and wood panelling. When I saw the Old English Scratch Cover for dark woods, I thought I’d give it a shot, since I use the Old English polish on all of my wood furniture in my home, and have found Old English to be a high quality brand.

old english scratch cover for dark woods 2Though it requires a few extra steps, Old English’s Scratch Cover is fairly easy to use and the results are long-lasting. The colors matched nicely with our wood furniture, but couldn’t completely mask the scratches. Type: Liquid. Comes in: Dark, light/medium. OLD ENGLISH Scratch Covers are ideal for nicks and scratches. Use on furniture, paneling and cabinets. 8.0 oz. bottle / 6, 62338-75144, Dark Wood Liquid. Old english helps hide unsightly nicks and scratches and restores the appearance of your wood furniture. This effective scratch cover formula is designed for use with dark woods.

Old English Scratch Cover for Dark Woods – 8 oz. bottle. Old English Scratch Cover helps restore damaged surfaces by hiding unsightly scratches & nicks in furniture, paneling, woodwork & floors. Hides unsightly scratches and nicks. For use on lighter color woods only (For medium to dark color woods use Old English Scratch Cover for Dark Woods). Restore your wood furniture, paneling, and floors to its former glory with Old English Scratch Cover liquid polish. Available 2 formulas (for dark woods like mahogany and cherry, and.

Old English Scratch Cover Review

Old English Scratch Cover – For Dark Woods 8.00 fl oz at Jewel-Osco. Apply a small quantity on a clean soft cloth then wipe scratches and nicks. Then spread over the entire surface.

Old English Scratch Cover For Dark Woods