Old Furniture Names (DIY Project Download)

Glossary of antique furniture terms with accompanying photographs. An explanation of the origins of furniture names. Case furniture, that is furniture used for storage, came in all sorts of forms. The trendy armoire was originally a large mobile cupboard or wardrobe featuring doors and shelves for clothes storage. Making Sense of Confusing Antique Furniture Terms. For instance, do you know the difference between a buffet and a sideboard? In the bedroom, some wonder whether they own a highboy, a chiffonier or a simply a chest of drawers.

old  furniture names 2Below is a list of terminology very often used in antique furniture in alphabetical order. The name is used because it is believed to have been first used in France in the late 1600s. Ornamentation and design in a style that bears their name, active (1773-1795), English. AMORINI Carved figures of boys, particularly used on furniture of the 17th century and later. I’ve heard used furniture stores in Toronto do really well so good luck with your business! Not a name, but a tagline. Nobody died on these.

The story goes that some college students started making furniture out of old shipping crates. Their friends told their friends who told their friends, and before long a whole new look in furniture had been invented. If it reads Old Hickory Furniture Company, it was made in 1922 and beyond. In the everyday conduct of our affairs in the older and antique furniture trade, we often come across terms and references that we accept as just part of the lingo without knowing how it got to be called that.

Different Antique Furniture Terminology From A To Z

solid furniture slipcover 3If you are thinking about starting your very own antique furniture business than a great name is the first step. Here is a great list of existing vintage furniture shop names to help you think of your own. I have noticed that my fave furniture companies often name their furniture wonderful names. I found it on the sidewalk in front of an antique store. These home fixtures are nothing out of the ordinary, but their real names may surprise you. Be inspired & browse for traditional furniture from the Old Charm range online at Furniture Village today. Brands. Old Charm. Delivery. 7 days or less. 7 – 14 Days. As people look to de-clutter their homes, it’s harder than ever to get rid of used furniture and other bulky things. The furnishings industry has a name for the big, dated wood-finished and upholstered pieces that no one wants anymore brown furniture. For the antiques collector, identifying antique furniture is one of the most fascinating aspects of antique collecting because most collect what they like.

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Our range of Wood Bros Old Charm furniture includes the Ludlow, Chatsworth, Traditional available with free delivery throughtout England & Wales. It seems to me that the market for restoring antique furniture is much larger than the market for your preferred approach. Old Hickory Furniture Company, Martinsville, Indiana. The first incarnation of the Old Hickory company was called Old Hickory Chair Company, a name which lasted from 1895-1921. There’s no denying we love vintage. Whether it’s an antique table or a dress, we admire a classic feel. But times, they are a-changing — especially in the world of home design.

In some cases, the name that’s stamped on the furniture can help to identify the time period since some names were used in the beginning years, such as Baumritter Corporation.