Old Garage Door Ideas (DIY Project Download)

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Garden Decorating with Junk ideas, Redoux Style. redouxinteriors.com. This is our 55 year old garage door made into garden boxes. We had to replace it and love the sentimental garden boxes that the old door made. Whether kept intact or broken into smaller parts, an old garage door has myriad potential second lives. Just take a look at these great projects that use repurposed garage doors. Maybe you can try one of these on your old door or even be inspired to think up your own smart reuse.

old garage door ideas 2If you have a garage door in Cleveland or another area that gets cold, this is a great idea. Turn your old garage door into a mini green house. Garage Door Makeover before photo 1. As you can see here, the old door was worn down by the sun. They started with a good cleaning with a power washer. Here are some cool ideas for using old garage door panels for DIY.

A couple years ago we replaced our old heavy wooden garage door with a lightweight aluminum door. I tossed around several ideas on how to fill the recessed pockets of the door sections. Yet, for many years garage doors remained stuck in the Dodge Dart era, just blank slabs of stamped steel or painted plywood. Clopay residential garage doors are the perfect blend of function and fashion. Rejuvenate your home today!.

Creative Reuse Of A Garage Door

I have an old garage door opener that was given to me after I purchased a new one. I was thinking of making a projector lift out of one, but my idea was discredited as being too noisy. Find garage door ideas, tips and photos. My husband and I replaced our old solid wood garage door and I knew the sections were at risk of heading off to the. I love this idea for an entryway – add a shelf to an old door. Coolness! Yeah, umm my wife and I live in a parsonage and our church won’t spring for a garage door for the carport. There are many things you can do to recycle old garage doors and garage door openers, Overhead Door Company of Hall County shows you. Our last ideas will help keep Halloween scary for the kids in your neighborhood. Old and Weary to New and Modern: Old garage doors aren’t quite as pretty or as efficient as new models. If your garage door is more than 10 years old and has a few drafty areas, consider replacing it entirely with something new with sleek lines. If you are having your garage door replaced and you are unsure as to what you can do with the old one, you will want to check out the following suggestions.

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Popular in Garage Ideas & Inspiration. A new multipane garage door helps to lighten the home’s front facade, while a fresh coat of yellow paint gives the existing siding a cheery new life. That old adage is true: The little things matter. Learn how to remove an old garage door and install a new one with these detailed step-by-step instructions. Before purchasing a new garage door, take some measurements. Sign up for weekly project ideas and advice from experts Privacy Policy. What do you do with your old garage door? Here are a few ideas on where to start finding answer to a question you will rarely ask. Want to get rid of your old garage door, but you don’t know what to do? Did you know that in some states, getting rid of your old garage door comes with a fee of 500? Isn’t this ridiculous? Knowing this, what would you do with your old garage door panels? Throw them away and pay the fee or come up with a genius do-it-yourself project? A man put his dream project into reality and surprised all of us with a genius, innovative idea.

Check out our Garage Door Buying Guide for ideas on choosing the right garage door for your home. I needed a new garage door opener installed on an old garage door. They came the day after I called, installed it, lubed up the door so it became quiet, and never tried to convince me something with the door needed repairs. If you are about to replace your garage door or opener, you can find many old garage door opener uses. This article will give you a few ideas for recycling and reusing your garage door opener and garage door parts.