Old Pocket Door Repair (DIY Project Download)

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Old pocket doors may be hard to operate or don’t work at all. Getting it in will be a challenge and may require surgery on the wall, but this can be easily repaired. Cut an access hole in the wall with a drywall saw to remove the old track and install a new one. Are Victorian pocket doors supposed to make a sucking-sound when you coat them with oil?. Hi badger gardener Turns out that a weak bleach solution is commonly used by professional restorers to remove mildew from finished wood.

old pocket door repair 2Without tearing the entire wall open, is there any way to repair these doors so that they slide open and closed with silent ease, as they ought to?. Can you tell us roughly how old the pocket doors are and where you are located? This may help a bit. This involves removing enough wall covering near the track to let you access the old track so you can remove it and install a new one. Learning how to remove a pocket door is not hard. Just like any other door in your house you may need to take them down from time to time.

Update an old pocket door by replacing it with a new one. David Corp explains the repairs being made to the pocket doors at his historic home along Holbrook Avenue. Thorp was been at their home last weekend to get the old doors gliding back to their former glory. Complete repair service of vintage and modern pocket doors.

How To Fix Stuck Pocket Doors?

old pocket door repair 3How to Repair door glass with This Old House Watch this video from This Old House to learn how to replace a pane of glass in a door. Steps: 1 Measure the broken door pane for a new piece of glass. I think we’ll try to fix the pocket door first; we paid extra for the darn thing. But like some closet doors, pocket doors do slide, traveling along a track suspended by rollers. Let’s watch some old school Bob Vila to get an idea of how a pocket door is installed. Our old house circa 1910, has a set of beautiful wooden pocket doors. The only problem was that the track was over a hundred years old and was so worn, the door. Pocket / Sliding Door Hardware Only (No Frame) Johnson Hardware offers a complete range of pocket / sliding door hardware designed for installers that would like to build their own pocket structure or replace old pocket door track and hardware in an existing pocket door installation. I have a 1902 Queen Anne with pocket doors. Permalink Reply by Lair Tienter on December 5, 2010 at 5:06pm I’m not sure how yours are made but you remind me of the first time I tried to repair pocket doors.

How To Replace A Pocket Door

A pocket door is a sliding door that disappears, when fully open, into a compartment in the adjacent wall. The doors were particularly common in Victorian homes to close off such areas as sitting rooms or dens;