Old Shutter Headboard (DIY Project Download)

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You can easily have this new headboard built by bedtime and if you have old shutters anyway, this one won’t cost you a single dime. Plus, it’s a beautiful idea that will make your entire bedroom seem a little bit country and a lot of relaxing. Wearing a ventilation mask, lightly coat the front and sides of each shutter with spray primer. It’s okay if bare wood shows through in places to add to the antique look. Tip: To prevent drips, hold the can approximately 12 inches away from shutters when spraying, and move the can in smooth, sweeping motions. Old shutters Unique headboards. Coastal cottage style shutter headboard DIY instructions from HGTV.

old shutter headboard 2A DIY Vintage Shutter Head Board makes for a lovely piece in any bedroom. See how Samantha from Samantha Elizabeth A Lifestyle Blog reclaims old shutters for her bed. When I moved the queen bed from my son’s room to my daughter’s room I was in need of a new headboard. As I was walking through the garage one day and staring at them I finally found their purpose Here’s how I did it. I removed all of the old hardware from the shutters and laid them face down on the ground, side-by-side I used a couple of 1 2’s and a 1 4 to brace all of the shutters together. Unique headboard made from old Salvaged Shutters. Easy to follow directions so you can make a headboard of your very own.

Check out these clever ways to repurpose old shutters. 11 Colorful and Crafty Ways to Repurpose Old Shutters. From headboards to planters, it’s time to find a crafty new use for your old shutters. By Alexandra Mitchell. Antique Door Headboard & Shutter Nightstands How-To. Well, this last month has been filled with all sorts of how-to’s, this time of year we are all looking for inspiration, and we all want to know how to do it ourselves. This photo comes from the Italian hotel Masseria Torre Coccaro, an old converted farmhouse in Puglia. Although the room’s country aesthetic isn’t a style we’re normally drawn to, we really like the way antique shutters are used to create a focal point behind the bed.

Diy Vintage Shutter Head Board

Old shutters can make a lovely, rustic looking headboard. Simply smooth the old shutters and cut them in half. Paint them with a color of your choice. Hang them directly on your wall, or make a platform with a piece of wood and then hang the platform on the wall, it’s up to you. We’ve collected several types of headboards you can make at home that range from formal, rustic and playful. If you want to carry a formal theme you can opt for a tall padded or tufted headboard. Or if you want a more whimsical theme, you can try some ideas here such as the string art headboard or painted floral headboard. Old shutter headboard:. First, I envisioned the shutters as a headboard in the master bedroom, and then I saw them flanking the double-hung windows on the front porch, before I finally chose to hang them on a wall as art. These old weathered shutters were transformed into a unique side table with nothing more than art canvas stretchers to provide framing; screws to secure shutters to stretchers; and a wood tabletop covered with glass.

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