Old White Porcelain Door Knobs (DIY Project Download)

WHITE PORCELAIN CERAMIC Door Knob Set & in Natural Brass, Brushed Nickel, Oil Rubbed Bronze and Polished Brass Finishes. Vintage Pumpkin Ceramic Door Knobs Cabinet Drawer Cupboard Kitchen Pull Handles. White cream ceramic knobs drawer pulls cupboard door knobs porcelain china. Vintage Ceramic Drawer Knob Pull Handles Door Cupboard Cabinet Knobs. Door Knobs Are Made From A Resin, Pink White Spot, Blue White Spot, Round Ceramic Knob.

old white porcelain door knobs 2Chatsworth White Porcelain Mortice Door Knobs, Antique Brass Backplate – BUL602-ABBUL33-WHI – Door Knobs – Porcelain Door Knobs. Simple traditional white ceramic cupboard knobs in three sizes. These white antique crackle door knobs are manufactured from the highest quality ceramic on a plain brown metal base. Ideal for period home renovations.

Beautiful handmade ceramic beige and white creamy cupboard door knobs. Suitable for any cabinet door, chest of drawers, wardrobe or bedside cabinet. Chatsworth white porcelain door knob available on white, chrome or brass rose, created using the finest porcelain, irresistible patterns and unique designs. Suitable for both traditional and more modern interiors with classic roses in polished or antique brass or more modern roses in polished or satin chrome finishes. Genuinely old door knobs in porcelain and glass have been etched with trademarks and logos of highly collectible companies. Original white and black porcelain knob sets are common and inexpensive, usually under 5 a set; clear glass, usually 5- 10.

Chatsworth White Porcelain Mortice Door Knobs, Antique Brass Backplate

New knobs with the Coca-Cola logo are known in both glass and white porcelain. A huge range of beautiful ceramic door knobs, glass door knobs & drawer pulls in many different designs & colours. Welcome to These Please, a website where you can buy beautiful ceramic and glass cupboard door and drawer knobs and ceramic hooks.

Cream Beige Vintage Porcelain Cupboard Knobs By Pushka Home