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The lumber grading short course plays a vital role in the industry benefitting anyone who has an impact on the buying or selling of hardwood lumber. The Standard Lumber Grading Short Course provides an introduction to the NHLA grading system, which is used to buy and sell lumber worldwide. Find us online elsewhere! In an attempt to further its educational reach, the NHLA Inspector Training School is embracing new technology and offering a distance learning ITS Program. Block 2 allows for up to 12 months of online study for memorization and study of required material. 4 Day Lumber Grading Short Course. Inspector Training School 180th Class. NHLA Hardwood Lumber Grading Workshop. NHLA is offering a Lumber Grading Short Course with the flexibility of enrolling for 3 days, 4 days or all 5 days. Block 2 allows for up to 12 months of online study for memorization and study of required material.

online lumber grading school 2Barry graduated NHLA School in Memphis in 1973. He has 41 years of experience in private industry including 26 years owning his own business. Lumber grading, grade stamping, inspection and certification services offered by Pacific Lumber Inspection Bureau. PLIB offers lumber grade stamping, certification, quality control inspections, and grader training and certification to sawmills and lumber remanufacturing facilities throughout the Pacific Northwest and Western Canada. Listing in the PLIB printed and online Buyers Guides. I am expanding his duties and am thinking of sending him on a Lumber Grading Course, anyone have any thoughts or ideas on this? Links?

A Lumber Grading Stamp for the small sawmill owner. To sell lumber for construction purposes you must have one of these stamps on your lumber. I offered to share my lesson plans from a lumber grading course that I am teaching right now if there was enough interest and there was, so here goes. The Northeastern Lumber Manufacturers Association (NELMA) develops and publishes grading rules to assist in the uniform marketing of Northeastern softwood lumber products.

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Participants in this short course will be instructed on the National Hardwood Lumber Association’s rules for grading hardwood lumber and how to properly grade hardwood lumber. Training includes hands-on grading of lumber. The NHLA rules of grading hardwood lumber are there for all to study and learn. Or one can attend a longer grading school in Memphis. Welcome to the NELMA Grader Academy, a comprehensive on-line training resource for individuals that seek to learn more about the intricacies of lumber grading or for those within the lumber industry that want to increase their proficiency level. The Academy enlists the following tools to enhance the lumber grading education experience:. Includes: Three days of instruction and hands-on training plus course materials; This course won’t make you a certified lumber grader; you won’t be grade stamping anything after graduation, since that would require a more time-consuming and expensive level of training than we offer here. The Association has an online membership directory which helps bring together buyers and sellers of lumber, equipment and logs. The Association co-sponsors lumber grading short courses, log, lumber and tree-grading workshops, and other educational programs for members of the hardwood industry. The monetary support The purpose of grading hardwood like red or white oak, poplar and ash is to describe to the buyer what the board will look like, Barford said. The Chinese graduates of the association’s first international class? owners of lumber-related firms and others representing a quarter of sales to the country? learned firsthand in detail the grading system taught by the world’s only school, in Memphis.

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The National Hardwood Lumber Association is an American hardwood lumber grading group. The NHLA offers a 12-week training program for people interested in becoming a certified lumber inspector. Block 2 allows for up to 12 months of online study for memorization and study of required material; and Block 3 Block 3 requires an additional three weeks of classroom study and board runs back at NHLA headquarters. Where: Northern Arizona University, School of Forestry, 200 East Pine Knoll Drive Flagstaff, Arizona 86011 United States. Presented by Western Wood Products Association, this short course covers grading rules prevalent to Ponderosa Pine lumber. Quick, easy and affordable online event registration and event management software for all event sizes. WWPA mills produce lumber from Western softwood species, including Douglas Fir, Western Larch, Western Hemlock, True Firs, Engelmann Spruce, Ponderosa Pine, Lodgepole Pine, Sugar Pine, Idaho White Pine, Western/Inland Red Cedar and Incense Cedar. Develop and maintain Western lumber grading rules. Mill grader certification and training. Online Western lumber information. Penn State University and then a lumber grading school in Memphis, Tenn.

Hardwood forester provides resource grading information for timberland owners. I can provide clients with training and tutorial assistance in mapping, timber cruising, log scaling, or grading of hardwood trees, logs, or hardwood lumber. Some training can be done via email, phone, and online computer conferencing.