Oracle Delete All Tables From Schema (DIY Project Download)

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This worked very well and it doesn’t require that I have authority on the Oracle server to delete and re-add my user. Bravo. This will print out a series of drop commands for all tables in the schema. Spool the result of this query and execute it. Hi freiends I have a schema with about 100 tables. Is there a single command to drop all tables in the schema rather than having to call DROP TABLE 100 times? How to drop all tables from database with one SQL query. SearchOracle Search the TechTarget Network Sign-up now.

oracle delete all tables from schema 2This script would create a drop table script for all the tables — Drop All Tables in a schema: — Drop_Tables.sql – Creates script to drop all tables and. SELECT typ, NAME. FROM (. select 60 as seq, ‘TABLE’ as typ, OBJECT_NAME as name from user_objects WHERE OBJECT_TYPE’TABLE’ AND not(OBJECT_NAME like ‘BIN’). ) ORDER BY seq;. BEGIN. OPEN c_objekte;. LOOP. BEGIN. I’m using Imp dmp file to import into my existing database. I’ve been told that I can drop all the tables via a drop schema command within the Oracle 10g Enterprise Manager gui, but I can’t see the.

Dropping all tables, views and the own schema: CALL SYSPROC.ADMIN_DROP_SCHEMA(‘SCHNAME’, NULL, ‘ERRORSCHEMA’, ‘ERRORTABLE’). Replace ‘SCHNAME’ to schema name, example for DEPT schema: CALL SYSPROC. MySQL – Drop all Tables in a Database Using a Single Command Line Command. Let’s say you need to drop all tables in a mysql database. How do you do that?. I just needed this to clear a database, and for some reason the oracle guided me here. Quick method to do multiple actions across multiple tables. Simply spool a script with your commands in for each table this way you can avoid dropping your tables or user and still keep all your schema structure.

Drop All Tables In A Schema (oracle)

Tagged. Oracle. EXECUTE IMMEDIATE ‘drop table ‘ next_row.table_name ‘ cascade constraints’;. END LOOP;. END;. Hi all, I want to delete all records of all tables of a schema and think there should be some statement for this but I dont know how? may you. One of the Oracle folks can probably answer your question definitively without even needing to look it up! For example, in Oracle you have schemas and tablespaces. I am trying to understand that why would you drop all the Documentum tables in the schema, the schema also has Docuemtum system tables besides your custom tables. Unless you want to recreate the whole docbase that wouldn’t be a good idea.

How To Drop All Tables And Views From A Specific Schema Dba To Dba