Organize Your Wardrobe (DIY Project Download)

Overwhelmed by a messy, chaotic closet? Read on for how to shape up your wardrobe. Organize your kid’s or heck, your own clothes by days of the week! Assign different seasons of clothes different color hangers in your closet. Hang up your clothes and organize them. Try to hang up as many of your clothes as you can. This will make it easier for you to find your clothes and to conserve space.

organize your wardrobe 2Take a look at your clothes and assess what you wear most, least, or not at all. Donate the clothing you haven’t worn in a year or more, as well as anything that no longer fits. Closets can be the bane of your existence. Take some tips from these spaces. This is the first of a series of posts about how to get your wardrobe properly organised once and for all. After all, learning how to organise your wardrobe can save you so much time and energy on a day to day basis, and who wouldn’t want that!.

When organizing your closet, think of it like your very own boutique that houses your favorite things where everything fits, where you can see and find everything you need, and it’s beautifully merchandised. Have you ever thought about paring down your clothes to just the bare essentials? Here’s how to organize your clothes so that your online shopping addiction doesn’t cause your closet to look like a horrifying post-apocalyptic wasteland.

Clothing Closet Organizing Checklist

wardrobe arrangement tips 3Here, the hanging bars, cubby storage, and drawers help organize clothing and ensure that everything has a place. If you prefer to fold your clothes or have a lot of clothing that is best stored folded, Meryl Starr, a professional organizer in New York and author of The Organizing Workbook, recommends these tips for folding clothes within your closet. Closet Organizing 101: Learn how to organize your closet effectively from scratch with an organizing method, best tips for women with messy wardrobes.

8 Pro Tips For Organizing Your Closet