Origami Jewellery Box (DIY Project Download)

Ladies! This Easy Paper Craft is especially for you! The fantastic Origami Jewelry Box is super easy, extremely useful,does not take much of your time to be made and also is one of the best DIY Home Project Ideas that you can ever undertake. How to Fold an origami jewelry box Looking for a unique and inexpensive place to store your small possessions? In this two part tutorial, learn how to fold an origami jewelry box. Watch the video 3d origami jewellery box tutorial smaller version uploaded by Soul of papers on Dailymotion.

origami jewellery box 2This Origami jewelry box works as an ultimate and best organized way of keeping small things like earrings, pins, beads, hair clips and enjoy a tidy and clutter free dressing table. (smaller) 3D origami jewellery box designs/ colours. 3D Origami Jewelery Box. This is a beautiful project you can make for a very special person such as your mom or somebody really special.

Newer Post Older Post Home item. Newer Post Five Intersecting Tetrahedra Origami. My Channel – Greetings everyone! In this craft tutorial you will learn how to make an amazingly Vibrant Origami Jewellery Box.345Tags:. Make an origami star box with these simple instructions. This step by step guide will teach you how!. This box is perfect for your jewelry, coins, paper clips, etc. I know it looks difficult, but it’s actually pretty easy to fold.

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origami jewellery box 3How about to fold great functional staff? Today we are going to fold 3d origami jewellery box. In this box you can keep your jewellery or other things. Shop outside the big box, with unique items for origami boxes from thousands of independent designers and vintage collectors on Etsy. Triangle jewelry box cheery color modular origami – A triangular origami box set with a lid and base made out of Japanese printed chiyogami paper and reinforced with card stock inserts to make this a beautiful and sturdy box for your use. 3D origami jewellery box tutorial Origami Instruction.com. Image Story Discover where an image comes from, where it’s been, and who it’s been hearted by.

3d Origami Jewellery Box Tutorial