Osborne Table Saw Miter Gauge (DIY Project Download)

The Osborne miter guide sliding stop flips up out of the way when not in use Fence has abrasive surface to absolutely prevent movement during the cut No clamp needed Heavy-d. The Osborne EB-3 Miter Gauge uses the inherently strong structural properties of a triangle to keep its fence rigid all the way out to the end. Three expansion slots in the guide bar provide a perfect fit with your table saw. It’s a triangulated miter gauge that uses a telescoping arm to set and lock miter angles easily, precisely and ruggedly. Osborne was standing in the middle of dozens of table saw models and asked a store manager if customers ever requested a woodworking product that Grizzly didn’t carry.

osborne table saw miter gauge 2I just got the Osborne EB3 Miter Gauge for Christmas and its great! I have a Grizzly G0576 left tilt table saw and the stock miter gauge was ok for rough cuts but it just was not accurate enough in my judgement. Unlike conventional miter gauges, the Osborne EB-3 has no center mount protractor head. Adjusting the miter bar fit to the table saw’s miter slots is a matter of tightening the three Allen-head screws inside the expansion slots with the included hex key wrench. I’m getting ready to buy a new cabinet saw (thanks again for everyone’s guidance!) Norm uses an Osborne miter gauge. Is it worth it?

The Excalibur Osborne EB-3 is the original, patented, rock solid, dead accurate triangular mitre guide. The solid triangular configuration keeps the guide absolutely rigid, even at the outermost end of the fence. Osborne EB-3 Table Saw Miter Gauge. The Osborne miter guide sliding stop flips up out of the way when not in use. Fence has abrasive surface to absolutely prevent movement during the cut. With a miter gauge, the workpiece rides on the tablesaw top, giving you the full capacity of the 10 blade — usually about 3-1/2. JessEm MiteRExcel, Kreg KMS7102, Osborne EB-3, ProMiter 100, Rockler Sure-Loc 21670, and Woodhaven 4996K miter gauges, and the Delta 36-205, Dubby Single Left, Jointech Smartmiter JSM-48, and Woodhaven 4954 miter sleds in the October 2007 issue of WOOD magazine, or download the review.

Reviews: Osborne Eb-3 Miter Gauge

osborne table saw miter gauge 3After purchasing and using my Jet table saw for several years I gained the necessary level of acumen and comfort to begin trying more advanced techniques in woodworking. The miter gauge I was searching for was the Osbourne Manufacturing Excalibur! I quickly placed the order and when the gauge arrived I was tremendously pleased with its seemingly sturdy construction, accurate setup and configuration, and ease in getting it configured for my saw. I’ve read good things about this miter gauge but I have one question. I have a Craftsman compound miter saw. Would the Osborne Miter Gauge be so superior to the miter saw that I would be justified in spending money for it?. Kreg KMS7102 Table Saw Precision Miter Gauge System specs. I’ve had the Osborne for about two years and really like it. Nice gauge, but if you want to go to the other miter slot in a saw, not easy to do. I have one but haven’t used it ever since I bought the Jessem Master Slide for my table saw. Miter gauges are most often used on table saws and router tables, but I have also seen them used with other power tools, such as disc sanders and vertical band saws. Which 3rd party miter gauge or other portable table saw upgrade would you recommend? I bought an OSBORNE for my Rigid Tablesaw many years ago, liked it so much I gave it to my SawStop.

Excalibur Osborne Eb-3 Mitre Guide