Osmose Micropro Pressure Treated Wood (DIY Project Download)

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Notably, Osmose, one of the oldest and largest manufacturers of preservatives, came out with MicroPro, a micronized copper quat (MCQ) formulation. Confused by the alphabet soup of wood-treatment chemicals flooding the industry? Pressure treatment is a process that forces chemical preservatives into the wood. Osmose, Inc. www.osmose.com.

osmose micropro pressure treated wood 2Pressure treated lumber available in beautiful cedar tone, brown tone and and natural colors. Contact Osmose for further information on aluminum contact use in commercial, industrial, and specialty applications such as boat construction. With the introduction of MicroPro treated wood to the Canadian market this spring, some are saying that we have a game change in exterior wood and building decks. Next came the idea of pressure-treated wood, forcing chemicals into the wood with pressure and then heat drying them to fix the chemicals in place. One such solution, and by far the front runner, is MicroPro developed by Osmose Corp. Fortress Wood supports and recognizes scientific advances in our industry, and the need to provide state-of-the-art wood protection technology to our customers.

I recently bought what I thought was pressure treated railing pickets.

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