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Welcome to the website for OSP Blades. After 10 years’ experience building classic, handmade table tennis blade reproductions such as Stiga, Banda, Perko an, Cor de Buy, and making custom made blades published on oldstiga. This is the best all wood table tennis blade with much more controlled offensive features than factory made wooden blades. Sale on OSP Table Tennis Blades and other table tennis (ping-pong) equipment.

osp table tennis 2See users’ ratings and reviews of the OSP Expert ALL+ and other equipment. Buy this blade online. Buy this blade online. Add your own table tennis review! This website is driven by the ping pong community worldwide. OSP Virtuoso OFF- Reviews. I was lucky to be sent a prototype of the OSP Ultimate Tricarbon to test and review. This blade, the first OSP carbon-wood, will be released in November.

First of all OSP stands for Old Stiga Palatinus. The advantage of OSP blades compared to common popular blades from companies like Butterfly, Stiga, Tibhar etc is that they are handmade. Save Up To 30 On OSP Rubbers and Blades! Free Worldwide Shipping. Large Selection. Quick Expert Advice. Order OSP Table Tennis Equipment Online! Members welcome.Anyone who own or play a blade made by OSP can join the club. Please share which blade.

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Shopping for Cheap OSP at and more from Best Table Tennis Equipment Store (Hong Kong) on Aliexpress.com,the Leading Trading Marketplace from China. Table tennis OSP-Virtuoso OFF- blade in Sporting Goods, Indoor Games, Table Tennis, Ping Pong eBay. Thank you to Robert Palatinus of OSP blades for supplying a new OSP Virtuoso Off Minus blade. It’s a beautiful blade, will allow me the control with plenty of spin I need at my level without being too fast. Then there’s OSP, Oldstiga, Spintech, JM Blades, making their mark as if marching forward and sticking it. Now let’s take a brief look at the hard facts, the ones written by the ITTF themselves, and not by someone representing a Table Tennis manufacturing firm or dealership, on regulations pertaining to blades, and rackets in general. Felt numb to me close to the table counters, and the balls were jumping out quite erratic. PingPongHolic’s Table Tennis Equipment Reviews. We opened a new online store to provide decided to provide our table tennis blade for sale as well as reveal new features from early April 2015 on the same website.

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I am selling my beautiful, wonderful, handmade OSP Immune OX (round ST handle). Why? I just feel I need something faster on my FH with the new ball. Osp Blades hasn’t shared anything on this page with you. Read moreShow less. Beginner table tennis blade – OSP Origo 4K video. 1. Add a comment. Osp table tennis pictures, range osp origo osp expert all osp virtuoso off osp virtuoso osp. photonesta.com.