Ottoman Bed Pistons Not Working (DIY Project Download)

The slats of the Hygena Ophelia Double Ottoman Bed Frame are one large set of flat wooden slats. However when I got to the mechanism stage It seems that the pistons are too long for the mechanism – Its either this or they seems to be locked in place and i cannot actually lower the metal frame itself. I am hoping someone will be able to shed some light on this problem or have they sent me the wrong parts?Thanks. I am not familiar with these beds but as grahamdady stated take the hinge off (only 4 bolts) that would allow the bed to close and allow you to have a play with the hinge. The strut is gas filled and it is possible the strut has leaked gas into the other side of the piston and not allowing it to drop down. I showed him the problem and with one hand he easily pulled down the bed! My double storage bed is stuck in the up position and as hard as I pull down on the strap it won’t come down – anyone got any tips for getting it. Some of them have a locking bar on the pistons rods make sure it has not dropped down. I have two of these beds – the other one never sticks but this one is a real pain to get closed – I can’t see any locking bar or safety hinges – usually as SS has said I push it right up and then pull it down again – this time that isn’t working and it seems to be coming down only on the left side.

ottoman bed pistons not working 2Shop for Sullivan Faux Leather Ottoman Bed Frame at It’s an ottoman style bed and the pistons have failed twice in the past. Has anyone had similar problems with Dreams or can anyone please advise me how to proceed. Gas Strut – Gas Piston – Hydraulic For Ottoman Bed Brand New Replacement in Home, Furniture & DIY, DIY Materials, Nails, Screws & Fixings eBay. No questions or answers have been posted about this item.

Hip Hop Ottoman Wooden Bed Frame. Them I face a big problem with the piston as I thought they did not work as they would not move. I carried on as per instructions (I found out after an online search that the cylinder instructions bit on my paper notice was wrong – wrong letter for tools and the pistons were pre-assembled up side down). Customer Reviews for Othello Ottoman Double Bed – Frame Only. Box was empty and noticed online that lack of instructions was a common problem – if Homebase know about this why don’t they email the instructions with the order confirmation? I only discovered after the helpline had closed for the evening that no instructions were included as I work late and my wife is heavily pregnant so could not check the boxes before I got in to make the bed. Most traditional beds create an annoying problem seldom addressed in advertising material or sales pitches. When the platform along with the mattress on top is lifted, a hydraulic piston on each side of the bed supports the raised platform in much the same way that the back door of a hatchback remains up in the air while you load groceries into the car or the hood of your car when you need to access the engine bay.

Sullivan Faux Leather Ottoman Bed Frame

ottoman bed pistons not working 3Flat pack advice regarding: ottoman bed pistons no. Therefore, you can expect your new wallbed in around 15 working days. These beds are not only space-saving but they are the most comfortable bed you could ever wish for! We say this because unlike sofa-beds the comfort level is determined by the mattress you have and therefore just as comfortable as a standard bed. Gas pistons are maintenance free and NOT subject to metal fatigue or catastrophic failure – don’t need adjustment after installation – and you can use any mattress up to 12 regardless of it’s weight. How long will the gas pistons last with a 50kg mattress? My beds are roughly 5/6 years old and in great shape, no problems at all. Looks just like the one I had and I aint had no problems with the quality. Look good, but if you want to use it as storage the gas lift pistons are rubbish ours broke after a couple of uses, came down on top of my head nearly splitting my head open. Suppose there were no springs on the trunk lid of your car. Push on a gas spring and you force the piston rod and piston into the cylinder and this compresses the gas. I then said if I could not cancel via the store over the phone, I would make one more attempt to cancel via head office in two days time, the next working day and if that did not work I would contact Trading standards.

Hip Hop Ottoman Wooden Bed Frame