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After a general introduction to the Ottoman Empire, give students a single outline map of Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Mediterranean Sea. Direct them to draw in the extent of and the details of the Ottoman Empire at the apex of Suleyman the Magnificent’s reign. Vocabulary words for The Ottoman Empire Terms and Map Activity. Includes studying games and tools such as flashcards. In this lesson plan which is adaptable for grades 6-12, students will use BrainPOP resources to learn about the Ottoman Empire.

ottoman empire map activity 2This Section Features Explorer Games, Biographies, Activities, Worksheets, Stories, Legends and Maps. This section features an interactive maps of the locations and haunts of both the Pirates of the Caribbean and the Barbary Pirates of the Ottoman Empire. This handout has a map of Ottoman Expansion under Suleiman and an inscription Suleiman had written about his expansion of territory. Lesson 8: Children should learn how the Ottoman empire spread and some of the characteristic features of the Ottoman empire. Activity 3 in this lesson focuses on the rise and fall of the Ottoman Empire and the impact on Jews. My Name is Red.

During the century that followed the reign of Mehmed II, the Ottoman Empire achieved the peak of its power and wealth. Selim ISonia HallidayWhereas Bayezid had been put on the throne by the Janissaries despite his pacific nature and carried out military activities with reluctance, Selim I (ruled 1512 20) shared their desire to return to Mehmed II’s aggressive policy of conquest. World War I: The Ottoman Empire Lesson Plan Collection See more about Ottoman Empire, World War I and World War. This is an image of The Ottoman Empire on the 10 Player Map. Historical Scenario Map Edit. Historical Scenario Map The Ottoman Empire. This is a photo of The Ottoman Empire on the Historical Scenario Map. Recent Wiki Activity.

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Play this quiz called Asia Map Activity and show off your skills. Iran Politics Club: Iran Historical Maps 9: Safavid Persian Empire, Ottoman Empire, Afsharids, Zands.

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