Pacific Western Outdoor Wood Furnace (DIY Project Download)

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An outdoor furnace is as the name implies – a furnace that sits outdoors. The furnace, looking much like a small utility building, is a wood-fired, water-jacketed stove. I have a Pacific Western outdoor wood furnace. It works OK, I guess, but I wish I would have bought one that had grates in it and an auger system like the Mahoning so I could burn coal also. Does the president of any other outdoor furnaces company make his own personal cell phone and home number available? From spring 2011 to spring 2012, I went through the roughest year of my life. I t was told to me that pacific western closed up over too many warranty issues and then reopened as wood doctor and i believed this as the pacific western dealer in my area all of a sudden had 20 wood doctor models in his yard along side his remaining pacific westerns.

pacific western outdoor wood furnace 2Name: Email: PACIFIC WESTERN OUTDOOR. Details. CREAM OUTDOOR PACIFIC WESTERN WOOD FURNACE. Additional Information. HOT WATER. A wood-fired central heat system is a cleaner-burning heater and economical too. I am trying to contact the Pacific Western Company, The Outdoor Furnace People out of Atikokan, Ontario. Is an outdoor wood boiler the way to go or not?? Or would I be better off putting in a new chimney and putting a wood stove in the basement? What are some good things and bad things of each??? thanks!!! Brandon scesnick Posted 09-04-2004 at 22:45:30 Reply Send Email I have owned and used a Pacifice Western outdoor wood only furnace for the past 3 winters. No heat during power loss The Good: The mess is in fact outside. I donot have a smoke problem with the PAcific Western.

Pacific Western Corrosion Inhibitor Treatment Outdoor Wood Boiler Treats 300gal. OUTDOOR WOOD STOVE, 2/6/2016. Pacific Western outdoor wood furnace for sale. Heats 3000 square feet. 1000. Phone or text. Posted by: 814-720-8420. Pacific Western Outdoor Wood Furnace search at Mechanical Directory – Pacific Western, Pacific Western Inc, Crown Royal Stoves – Outdoor Wood Coal Corn Furnace, Northwest Manufacturing Inc, Next Generation Wood Furnace- Greenwood Furnace.

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