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A music box or musical box is an automatic musical instrument that produces sounds by the use of a set of pins placed on a revolving cylinder or disc so as to pluck the tuned teeth (or lamellae) of a steel comb. In some of the costlier models, the cylinders could be removed to change melodies, thanks to an invention by Paillard in 1862, which was perfected by Metert of Geneva in 1879. The Porter Music Box company of Vermont produces steel disc music boxes in several formats. The idea of a self playing music box was developed from the carillon bell towers used in Europe where a rotating barrel, pinned with cogs in certain positions, would move hammers to strike tuned bells at the proper time to produce music. ( often called musical box or boxes) grew, additional makers named B.A. Bremond, Mermod Freres, Charles Paillard, Paillard Vaucher Fils P. In 1892 Polyphon recognized the huge market potential in America and sent a team of employees to establish the Regina Music Box Company, in Rahway, NJ. And manufactured by a fine Swiss company like Mermod Freres. This is a really lovely music box manufactured by E. Paillard & Co (this is a very early name for Paillard, although this music box most likely dates from around the 1870’s).

paillard music box company 2Find great deals on eBay for Cylinder Music Box in Pre-1900 Collectible Music Boxes. Antique CYLINDER MUSIC BOX Working Paillard? Swiss? French? Sublime Interchangeable Cylinder Harmonie Paillard 47 Music Box & Stand.1890. Lot:706: Paillard Music Box w/ 6 Cylinders and Inlaid Table, Lot Number:706, Starting Bid:1, Auctioneer:RM Auctions, Auction:RM Auctions – Milhous Collection – Saturday, Date:07:00 AM PT – Feb 25th, 2012. The company installed Ampico and Duo-Art reproducing mechanisms in these pianos on a very limited basis until the late 1930s. Paillard. Ste-Croix, Switzerland. Several generations of family members made fine quality cylinder music boxes, 1813-early 1900s.

2 cm (14 1/4) deep In 1875, Paillard built the first musical box factory and the company’s name was listed among the giants of Swiss music box manufacture. In 1894, the company ceased production of music boxes and started producing phonographs, gramophones, clockwork motors and typewriters. Croix, Switzerland (1814- 1894) Description: An interchangeable-cylinder music box, the hinged walnut and burl-veneered rectangular. Tremolo Expression Cylinder Musical Box by George Baker & Company, Geneva, Switzerland, playing eight airs, lever wind single comb movement with nickel zither attachment, gilt incised maker’s plaque More. Paillard Interchangeable Six Air Piccolo Musical Box, the nickel movement with four 11-inch cylinders, double spring coaxial set up to drive govenor mounted behind, zither and tune indicator in a More.

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paillard music box company 3This Music Box was made circa 1895 in Rahway, NJ by the renowned Regina Music Box company. It is the Long Bedplate Duplex comb model contained in the. This Antique Music Box was made in Switzerland circa 1885 by the renowned firm of Charles Paillard. However, it wasn’t until 1875 that the first music box factory was opened by the Paillard company in St. Croix, Switzerland. Previously, all music boxes were produced through smaller cottage-industry operations using the skills of different craftspeople to assemble a complete product. Paillard of St. Croix were showing a very large and elaborate musical box with a greatly improved system for changing the cylinders. For some years the Symphonium company and the Polyphon company continued to make disc musical boxes, and to improve them. 2010.07.06.03, Paillard Company of Switzerland, from Lee Munsick. Swiss and American Music Boxes, Musical Novelties. Author: M. J. Paillard & Company (New York, NY). Date: 1896. Medium: Illustrations: photomechanical process. Dimensions: 9 7/8 x 7 9/16 in. (25.1 x 19.2 cm). Classification: Books. Derived from the century-old company’s archives, this cabinet will play melodies as our great-grandmothers knew them.

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PAILLARD WALNUT AND ROSEWOOD INLAID INTERCHANGEABLE CYLINDER MUSIC BOX. Paillard 1882 patent drawing, with superimposed witness section from same patent, showing name of Hermann Thorens who would start the company we know today. In 1883 Hermann Thorens (1856-1943), Eugne’s brother, would himself register a company and begin producing music boxes and parts out of Sainte-Croix. I publish this with some caution as every time I turn around there seems to be another Thorens music box (maybe a 20 cm Helvetia?).