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The idea of a self playing music box was developed from the carillon bell towers used in Europe where a rotating barrel, pinned with cogs in certain positions, would move hammers to strike tuned bells at the proper time to produce music. Check out Matthew Quinn’s ANTIQUES ROADSHOW appraisal of this Paillard Music Box, ca. 1880 from Knoxville, Hour 1! LARGE PAILLARD SUBLIME HARMONY INTERCHANGEABLE CYLINDER MUSIC BOX. HAS BEAUTIFUL INLAID CASE. TOP INLAY HAS MOTHER OF PEARL, ABALONE, AND BRASS BANDING.

paillard music box history 2MS-108 (82) Sublime Harmonie Tremolo Six-Tune Music Box with 13 Cylinder. This is a really lovely music box manufactured by E. Paillard & Co (this is a very early name for Paillard, although this music box most likely dates from around the 1870 s). 10 CHAPTER I History WITHOUT DOUBT, the first makers of musical box movements were watchmakers; therefore, the first musical movement that is a tuned steel comb played upon by pins or pegs set in a cylinder or disc was contained in a watch. The firms of Nicole, Paillard and Baker-Troll made the best piano-forte musical boxes. ANTIQUE HUGE Paillard Clockwork Cylinder Music Box with Bells & Drum in addition to cylinder comb TOP VIEW. Regina Music Box Photos & History & View Old Regina Music Box Co.

The earliest artifact I have found regarding Thorens is a patent dated 1882 to the Sainte-Croix music box manufacturer, Paillard, which was witnessed by Hermann and Eug ne Thorens. Below is a quick overall list of the music boxes I have seen with Thorens movements. Antique CYLINDER MUSIC BOX Working Paillard? Swiss? French? American? This is one of the finest quality disc music boxes in history. Here is a little background about Symphonion: Paul Lochmann was the co- patentee of the disc playing music box along with Ellis Parr of E. Aegir and Orpheus, Makers of the Aegir and Orpheus musical boxes. Ernest Paillard, Comprehensive history of Ernest Paillard family and music box company.

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sharpener desk tidy 3If you google Antique Paillard Cylinder Music Boxes, you should find heaps of images to compare your music box to. There were some attempts to combine them, the most famous being the Reginaphone, but it was not enough to save the industry and music boxes have mostly become a footnote to the history of mechanical music apart from the mass produced cheap movements used in trinkets. The company was called Maison Paillard. From about 1860, apart from clocks, watches & components, the company began to manufacture music boxes. 1999.08.05.03, Regina History. 1999.07. 1998.03.04.04, Paillard and Malignon Music Boxes. A timeline representing the history and development of Paillard Bolex 8mm and 16mm cameras. Watch movements and music box mechanisms were produced from a small workshop on the ground floor of his house. Music Box Base For a Paillard Orchestra Box, c. Swiss Music Box by Paillard, c. Exhibited at the Western Reserve Historical Society / MBSI exhibit 1977. A 19th Century Rosewood Cylinder Musical Box by Paillard Vaucher Fils, the 28cm brass cylinder and single steel comb movement playing eight airs, with lyre shaped music indicator, the movement stamped 50 309, enclosed by a glazed cover, with ratcheted winding handle to one side opposing change/repeat and stop/start levers, the inner cover set with a chromolithographic tune sheet, the hinged cover inlaid with a spray of flowers in coloured woods, with stained side panels, 56cm.

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Mandolin Expressive Musical Box by Paillard, No. Literature, including Chapuis The History of the Musical Box and of Mechanical Music, Ord-Hume The Musical Box, a Guide for Collectors and Clockwork Music, Bulleid More.