Paint Kitchen Cabinets Without Sanding (DIY Project Download)

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My thirty-year-old kitchen gets a good scrubbing and deglossing treatment in order to paint cabinets without sanding. Next: paint! The Short cut way to repaint kitchen cabinets with no sanding,stripping, or even removing the doors! I started sanding and thought I would google and see if I could paint furniture and cabinets without sanding first. Whew! These steps are specifically tailored to kitchen cabinets, but they can be applied to furniture as well. So let’s get started. This is our replacement sanding step.

paint kitchen cabinets without sanding 2Pro Secrets for Painting Kitchen Cabinets Professional painter John Dee shows how to give dark cupboards the glossy, smooth look of factory-finish cabinets without having to order new doors. Here’s the best part, I did these laundry room cabinets in less than 6 hours! True story! See the rest of the post and waxing tips at how to paint oak cabinets without sanding or priming lollypaper com, chalk paint, kitchen. Rustoleum Cabinet Transformations kit — 5 easy steps to repaint your kitchen cabinets — no stripping or sanding required!

Learn how to paint without sanding – a quick tip that will save you a lot of time & energy for cabinets, moldings, & furniture! You folks who have painted ALL of your kitchen cabinets have a special place in DIY heaven reserved just for you. Seriously. I’ve painted my kitchen (and bathroom) cabinets several times without ever sanding or priming. I’m such a slacker that I stained my cabinets without sanding and it lasted for YEARS before I painted over THAT without sanding LOL. That’s why many homeowners think about refinishing cabinets with a stain color of their own choosing. It is a big job, but there is a big payoff. There are ways to refinish cabinets without sanding and stripping back to bare wood.

Prep The Room

I have decided although its better than golden stain, I don’t really care for the look of painted oak. You can still see the heavy grain, even after a couple coats. I had the idea that I could use a tinted topcoat, like Minwax’s Polyshades to darken the wood (same technique I used on my old kitchen table). You can re-coat, without sanding, in 30 minutes. The do-it-yourself refinishing kit rejuvenates the color of old cabinets without stripping or sanding. It conceals marks, scratches and water stains associated with daily wear and tear. Case study with great before and after shots showing how one Owatrol customer has used ESP to repaint pine and melamine kitchen cupboards without sanding. To prepare cabinets for painting, remove all doors, drawers and hardware. Wash the cabinets with trisodium phosphate, apply a liquid deglosser and apply a primer-sealer before painting to ensure the best adhesion of the paint. The process takes several days, as the cabinets need to dry after each step. Zinsser makes an excellent product, and I used it to prime my ugly dark oak kitchen cabinets before painting them white. It’s amazing how primer can smooth out a finish and cover small crevices. A kitchen cabinet facelift consists of cleaning kitchen cabinets, refinishing cabinets and for changing out cabinet hardware.

Paint Without Sanding For Furniture, Cabinets & Trim

If you have access to a paint sprayer, thin the stain or paint enough to flow through the sprayer nozzle and spray the coating onto the cabinet doors; the prevents the possibility of brush strokes. Spraying is an outdoor job because of overspray and excessive fumes, so it is restricted to removable parts of the cabinets. Most of the instructions we found stressed the importance of sanding and included primer and enough prep work to make me suddenly fond of light oak and fake wood paneling. Nuvo-Cabinet-Paint-Update-in-RV rv-cabinets-after-nuvo-cabinet-paint kitchen-cabinets-painted. It has amazing bonding qualities without the chemicals. I am about to tackle my kitchen cabinets. Last week I got a wild hair and decided to stain our kitchen cabinets a darker color.

It is definitely ok to skip the sanding step in some cases before you paint a piece of furniture. However, before you skip the sanding step, here are a few. This is crucial and the only way I recommend painting cabinets without sanding them first. 2. When I painted my cabinets, I gave each door and base TWO COATS of primer, plus I sanded between each coat. Again, prep is key to long-lasting cabinets. When I paint kitchen cabinets, I use both a 1.5 inch angled brush (preferable Purdy) and a cabinet/trim roller. Anyway the deep base that must be used with darker colors only comes in low-luster satin OR high gloss so I left the store without buying anything!